What you should know about Diabetes and health insurance


Diabetes is an alarming medical condition in India. Surveys have shown that almost 70% of our population is affected by this. It is shocking to note that, across the globe, next to China, India has the largest number of people afflicted with diabetes. With diabetes, people are prone to many ailments that often result in extensive treatments that include hospitalization.

We purchase health insurance to be well prepared and protect ourselves against the soaring costs of healthcare. However, do you know whether your health insurance covers diabetes? Well, it is surprising to note that the most common health insurances do not cover for the pre-existing illness of Diabetes.

  • Why isnt Diabetes covered under your plan?

Diabetes comes under the category of the pre-existing medical condition and so, insurance plans do not cover for such pre-existing conditions for a stipulated period. Hence, any medical ailments that occur due to Diabetes will not be covered under the scope of your insurance plan.

  • Special insurance plans for Diabetes

Not to worry though as here is some good news. Many insurance companies have recognized this issue and offer tailor-made plans just to cover Diabetes. So, if you know you have this medical condition and want to be prepared for it, you can opt for such health plans specifically for Diabetes. They cover for any ailments that arise due to Diabetes.

Before we go jumping with joy and invest in such health plans, we must be aware of what it covers. There are two types of Diabetes, namely Type 1 and Type 2. Insurance providers have come up with various coverage plans catering to the distinct types of diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes

Also known as juvenile diabetes, it is found mostly in children and teenagers. This kind of diabetes is dangerous and affects only a lower percentage of people.

Type 2 Diabetes

The most common form of Diabetes that involve simple treatment and a healthy lifestyle change to keep it from generating medical ailments

  • Star Diabetes Plan
    • It covers both types of diabetes.
    • There are two variants in this plan; one requires a pre-entry medical examination that is reimbursed by the company and does not have any waiting period.
    • The other variant has a waiting period of 30 days, and there are no tests required.
  • Apollo Munich Energy Plan
  • It covers only Type 2 Diabetes and come with two variants.
  • The gold and silver options are not subject to any waiting period, and premium discounts are also offered
  • National Parivar Mediclaim Plan
  • Covers both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, without any waiting period for an extra 10% additional premium
  • Insurance Plans for Youngsters with Diabetes

In the younger adults, Diabetes might not pose grave danger or complications, when compared to older people. So they might not require Diabetes-specific plans and can go for health insurance plans with a stipulated waiting period to cover for the pre-existing condition of Diabetes. This way they can also avail the maximum features and coverage of the health insurance plan. There are many insurance plans in the market with a waiting period of a maximum four years to cover for pre-existing conditions of Diabetes.

Now that you know about the special insurance plans for Diabetes, you can choose the one that is beneficial for you.

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