Here Are Some Quick And Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Home


Living in a spacious room has a set of perks and drawbacks. While bigger can be better, at times, you wish much of that space is not utilised correctly. The definition of modern house decorations is not about exceptional designs only but about smart utility as well.

Install room partitions to make spaces to suit a specific purpose. These room partition ideas not only bring out utility but also elevate the aesthetics of your home interior.

Hence, you can opt for a home renovation loan from any financial institutions or NBFCs to give your room interior a facelift. With the lump-sum finance in hand, you can purchase room dividers of your choice and install them at your convenience. Moreover, this credit prevents you from straining your finances and compromising on the quality to give your room interiors an aesthetic feel.

So check out these innovative room partition ideas –

a. Room Partition Idea Using Bookshelves

Bibliophile or not, you can’t argue that this is the perfect solution to give your room an elegant touch. Wooden bookshelves are aesthetically pleasing to store your precious collection of books. For ultimate flexibility, install a set of locking wheels to roll it whenever you need. Added to this, you could also add a built-in-cabinet for additional storage space.

However, building a wall-height teakwood bookcase can put a strain on your finances. So, you can opt for home renovation loans or avail a top-up loan on your existing home loan to bring your home décor ideas to life.

Bajaj Finserv is an NBFC that provide Top-Up Loans when you have an existing Home Loan or you opt for the balance transfer facility. You can apply for this credit facility without providing additional documentation and have it instantly approved.

The company also enables you to part-prepay or foreclose this loan without any additional charges if you are paying a floating rate of interest.

Bajaj Finserv also brings you pre-approved offers that make procuring loans quick and hassle-free. These pre-approved offers are applicable on unsecured credits like personal loans, business loans and secured advances such as home loans among numerous other financial products. You can check out your pre-approved offer by sharing a few necessary details like your name and contact number.

b. Geometric Room Partition Ideas

You can invest in a geometric room divider. These partitions create the illusion of living in a room within a room. Moreover, these geometric wall units come with endless customisations to suit every aesthetic sense. Some even offer additional storage space in the form of a cupboard.

But, as installing these geometric dividers can be expensive, hence opting for a home renovation loan is a smart move to bear these expenses.

c. Slated room Divider Idea

You can mount wooden or chrome slates to impart a sense of a cosy, intimate area without creating a negative space. Depending on the slates, you can give your room a mid-century, modern or neo-punk style.

You also have the option of customising the slates by printing your favourite wallpaper on to them for additional personalisation. Among all room partition ideas, slated partitions are considerably more affordable and therefore popular as well. Choose between modern and antique room partitions to make your home seem bigger and stylish without undermining its utility.

Benefits of using Room Dividers

It’s worth investing in room partitions for the numerous perks that come with it like –

  • You can create cosy cubicles or your child’s playroom by utilising one big space
  • Kitchen space can be expanded into a dining area with movable walls
  • An aesthetically designed and placed partition imparts a plush feel and also the value of your home
  • Room partitions can transform your bigger bedroom into a private reading space to give your loved ones their privacy without compromising yours.

Following these room partition ideas, you can transform your home into an abode. For best results, conduct intensive research and use only the top quality products to make it durable and stylish as well.

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