Delegating the Task: Using Other People’s Skills Effectively


If you are working on your own, the things that you can do is minimal, no matter how hard you work. You can only work for 16 hours per day at most. And there are only so many works you can complete during these hours. Not only that, there are a limited number of people that you can help by doing these jobs.

And because there are only a limited number of people that you can help, success is also limited. But if you are good at what you are doing, people will want more from you. It will lead to real pressure and a lot of workloads. You cannot do everything that the clients want. And because of this, it will leave you unhappy, stressed out and feeling that you are letting your clients down. In this article, we will check out how companies like Delegate Review can help you with your delegation problems and find out why it is imperative to trust your team with some crucial tasks to have a successful campaign.

However, on a more positive note, you are being given a massive opportunity if you can find solutions to particular problems with limited resources. If you can realize these opportunities, you will be very successful. One of the best ways and perhaps the most common one to overcome these limitations is to learn how you can assign the work to other competent people. If you can do this well, you can quickly form a strong, prosperous and trusted group of people that can meet the demands of the clients. It is why delegation is an essential skill, and one of the most crucial skill people needs to learn.

Why do people not delegate?

To find out how you can assign tasks the right way, it is vital to know why a lot of people don’t do it. Let’s put it this way; people do not delegate because it will take a lot of effort to do this properly. After all, which is easier to do: writing and designing content for a project that advertises a new service that you are handling, or letting other members of the team do what they are supposed to do, help you with the campaign?

You know the campaign like the back of your hand. You can tell the benefit statements even if you are asleep. It would be very easy for you to sit down, think and write about it. It would be fun to do what you like. The biggest question is, would it still be good for you to use your time doing it?

While on the surface, it is easier to do it without the help of other people than to explain the logic behind the campaign to your team member. There are two main reasons why it is better to delegate some task to other people:

First, if you have the resources and the ability to head a new campaign, there is a big chance that your skills are better used in developing strategies and coming up with effective and new ideas. By doing the work by yourself, you are failing to make to use your time to its maximum.

Second, by involving other members of your team in a more hands-on role in the project, you will develop the skills, as well as the abilities of those people. It means that the next time you encounter the same project, you can delegate all the task to them, with more confidence, and you know it will be done the right way, with less involvement on your part. Delegations will allow you to make use of your skills and time at its full potential while helping other members of your team develop and grow to reach their full potential.

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When is the right time to delegate?

Delegation is considered a win-win situation when it is done the right way. But it does not mean that you can delegate all the tasks to other people. To know when is the best time to delegate, here are some of the critical questions you need to ask yourself:

Is there someone who has the expertise and the necessary information to complete the job?

Is this a job that other people can do without any problem, or is it vital that you do the task yourself?

Does the job at hand provide an excellent opportunity to develop and grow a person’s abilities and skills?

Is it a task that will return in the near future?

Do you have time to delegate the job properly? A time that is necessarily available for training, for a simple Q and A, for opportunities to examine the progress, and to do some rework if it is necessary.

Is it a task that you need to assign to other people, jobs that are necessary for your company’s success in the near future?

If you answer yes to the majority of the questions, then it is worth delegating the tasks to your team members. With that being said, meeting these conditions is not a guarantee that the job that was delegated will be completed or done the right way. You need to consider who you are assigning the tasks to, and how you will do it effectively.

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How do you delegate?

To successfully and adequately delegate tasks, you can use these principles:

You need to articulate your desired outcome clearly. Plan it with the result in mind and specify what the result will look like.

Identify the boundaries and constraints. You need to know the lines of responsibilities, the accountability, as well as, the authority.

Clarify whether the person will wait for the instructions, or are they need to ask for it. Make sure to explain everything. Do they wait for a recommendation from you before they act? Or act and immediately report to you the result of their actions?

Will they initiate the action and report the result on a specific date and time?

If it is possible, make sure to include all team members for the delegation process. It will empower them to decide by themselves the tasks that have been delegated to them.

You need to understand that some tasks and responsibilities can be delegated to other people, but you cannot delegate accountability, everything will stop with you.

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