How long will it take for your ad to convert


Custom printed packaging tape is an example of a search query companies within that industry will want to bid on and rank high for on Google. In order to know what other keywords to bid on, it is recommended to do your research to see what other high volume and high quality search terms are. There is a new feature in Google Adwords where users can see just how long it would take customers to convert after clicking on an ad. When a potential customer click on an ad, they may not buy your product right away but they might sometime down the line. There are certain products or services customers need to build some kind of trust and dependability with first by seeing it more than once to be convincedto buy.

Once you have this established, now the question becomes how long you need to wait to know if your campaign is successful or not. This new part of Adwords could help you come to a conclusion on the success or failure of your campaign. This feature gives an estimate on how many days you should expect to get the first click and then the conversion. This data is taken based on your previous campaign performance.

An example of a known buying behavior is that of Halloween costumes. When people click on the ad, the average time they come back to make the purchase is 4 to 5 days later after their first click. This feature is available on both versions of Adwords. One thing to keep in mind that each industry will have different conversion rates and time of conversion depends on the type of product you are selling. When Halloween is fast approaching, the weeks leading up to it will have a lot of searches and since there is still time to make a decision, that is when people will look around for what they would like to dress up as before making a concrete decision. The top searched for costumes are usually for characters found in film and the second most popular are animals.

This year, the most popular searched costumes in the United States are wonder man and Harley Quinn. It is important to be aware of what your conversion rates are and how much time your customers take to decide they are purchasing your product or not. There may be other factors influencing their decision such as the layout of your site, lack of compelling call-to-action, or a slew of other reasons. Whatever it might be, it is best to get your customers’ opinion on your site to evaluate what it is preventing them from completing a purchase on your site.

Since custom printed tape is a product, there is still a considerable amount of labor that goes behind it from communicating with staff to get your artwork approved, making the plate with your logo and the staff who then gets it printed onto the tape.

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