How to Become a Competitive Job Applicant for your Dream Job


With the competitive nature of today’s market, applying for a job as a seasoned employee or a fresh graduate can be stressful and challenging. In most cases a competitive job will often have numerous qualified applicants and standing out from the crowd is necessary for you to get your dream job. With the many online opportunities such as accounting job postings, you can easily find a vacancy in your area of expertise.

So, what do you have to do to ensure that you are able to go through the hiring procedure and land that competitive job? Here are ways in which you can keep yourself ahead of the game and eventually stand out.

  1. Networking

Unfortunately, knowing someone who knows someone can be a determinant in whether you land your dream job. Networking is important as it helps you come across mentors and helpful contacts. Networks can start from as near as your lecturer or even someone you get introduced to at a party. These may be the same people who may forward your resume to your job’s decision maker. Thus, make as many friends as you possibly can. You can join recruiters orange county which can help you network and reach out to the companies matching your skills.

2.  Brand and sell yourself

Remember, the job you seek is highly competitive and so, it is not enough to just rely on your passion and skills. Brand yourself in order to make employers easily identify you. It helps to have a resume that matches to the job position you seek. Sell yourself through paper, social media and even by networking. However, make sure that as you brand sell yourself, it does not come out as bragging. 

3. Spice up your documents

Everyone applying to your dream job would definitely have a resume and cover letter that could guarantee being hired. It is your responsibility to ensure that your documents outdo the crowd and speak up for you. While applying to your dream job, make sure that all your documents have the right company information with no grammatical errors or typos. Also, you can add qualifications and achievements that make you unique and different from the rest. You can also join beacon staffing  which would increase your employment chances.

4. Working for free

Despite this statement leaving a bitter taste in your mouth, it actually pays off to offer to work for free. This is highly beneficial to persons working as interns. While working for free, ensure you do your best as you learn the various skills required to carry out the task. You never know who is watching you work and could decide to hire you.

5.  Maintain a pristine social media presence

You would not like to have your social media ruin your chances of landing your dream job. Even with impressive documents and reliable networks, having a childish, controversial or inappropriate social media presence will cost you your dream job. Ensure that your social media accounts are professional and polished as hiring manager could look you up and determine your fate depending on what they see.

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