How to Get a Dental Job with No on the Job Experience


If you are have been browsing some of the dental jobs on offer and you are looking to get into the dental industry as a result, but you don’t have the necessary experience, then fear not. It is possible to get a job without much in the way of on the job experience. I know, most jobs stipulate that you need prior employment experience, but don’t let this put you off.

From our experience, to become a Dental Assistant, you will often need a high standard of in-class education as well as practicing experience to get a job with an established dental office. To have a more fuller understanding of the value that experience can have, let’s have a look at a couple of the different methods from which students can use to become a practicing dental assistant:

Lessons in the Classroom

Students greatly benefit from lessons in a classroom setting. It allows them to learn the basics before then applying their newly found knowledge in a practical setting. The lessons incorporate the steps for the various techniques that a Dental Assistant will use on a day to day basis.

The classroom lessons ensure the assistant has a rounded knowledge of the job before they are unleashed on patients. Not only are the basics with regards to techniques learnt, the students are also taught how to act and behave with the patients in order to make them feel at ease when they visit the dentist.


Externships are the next step in the journey of the prospective dental assistant. These externships enable the student to apply the knowledge that they have learnt in the classroom. The experience that the student receives in the dental office setting as part of their education is an invaluable part of their journey and shows the student what it is like to be a dental assistant on a day to day basis.

Completing an externship allows the student to have a competitive advantage when it comes to applying for jobs. The head of the dental office where the student did the externship is also able to act as a reference for the student. By completing an externship with a solid reference, it shows to a prospective employer that the applicant can perform the duties expected of them in a competent and safe manner.

Therefore, I am sure you can appreciate the value of an externship if you don’t have any prior employment experience. If you can successfully complete the classroom lessons as well as the externship, you should be well on the way to landing that dream dental job. If you would like to look at the dental jobs that are available in your area, check out

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