Monitoring and Ensuring Safety in Times of Cloud Storage


Banking sector and healthcare sector often have plenty of data rolling in and out daily. They may have data pertaining to the customer, the members in his family, with their names, their residential address, and their workplace details, and even their banking account numbers and much more.

Likewise, even the healthcare facilities might have data of a patient, his medical condition, and his medical history and more. However, both the banking sector administration and the hospital and healthcare management are clearly very much aware of how delicate this matter is going to be. They cannot by any mean leak out any of these details to the public.

The emergence of cloud storage:

However, while in the past, clerks would manually enter such data in registers, today, there are cloud based database systems that would keep all of these data ready.

The cloud storage until today is indeed a blessing by the data administrators, who till then were just buying in big data storage space from local servers at high price.

However, just as any other innovation, this one also had a dark side and that is of identity theft or robbery of personal data or information by unscrupulous agencies.

Hacking is a serious problem that government agencies and cybercrime departments are working towards controlling and they have found that many such thefts happen because of a user of the data being callous.

So, the companies have also started using user activity monitoring software which would be a great way  to keep tab on user’s dealings with the company’s data.

Why is the user activity monitoring going to help?

With this software, the administrators would give the staff members with their own keys to unlock the customer data, enter it, and work with it. The software would however, allows the administrator to keep a watch over the users and find out if he is keeping a risky window open, or if he is downloading something in bulk or uploading something in bulk or even one of the data. These would then alert the administrator and call the staff members to answer some serious questions.

Identity theft is risky and yet, many sectors like the banking and the share markets always use these along with going for other biometric methods and scans to identify the user and authorize him. Hence, identity theft from a big bank of a valued high profile client to access his accounts online would cause serious repercussions to the bank’s prestige.

Security and Monitoring go hand in hand:

Indeed, in order to protect the property people go for several tiers of security system and even for the highly sensitive company data, they do the same with such innovative software. The user activity monitoring system has already ensured that people work in compliance with HIPAA and at the same time, alert the administrators in time of any threat from dangerous virus or cyber-attacks.

After all, every individual in this world deserves privacy and it is the responsibility of every organization to remember that every time they take a report of them.

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