How to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe


While it’s difficult to tell whether you are currently at risk of a break-in, it’s a good idea to do everything you can to keep your commercial property safe. Whether you own a commercial building that you lease to other small businesses or you own a single commercial property for your own business, you should know that protecting your building should always be a priority. This is especially important if your property is being leased to other businesses. While you might have insurance to protect against burglaries, you should consider the fact that if a crime happens on your property, most of your client businesses will probably want to move to another building.

If this happens, you’ll have to find new tenants and start over. Word of break-ins can spread pretty quickly and even if you’re completely covered by insurance, the last thing that you want is a reputation of being unsafe or at risk of break-ins.

There are several security measures that you can take to ensure that no crime happens in or around your commercial property. It’s an investment but you need to keep your tenants safe so they can continue to lease a space on your property or in your building.

Security Guards

Most burglars aren’t interested in fighting or causing violence. Most people who are looking to steal will attempt to do so discreetly, perhaps by sneaking into the building before it closes or even attempting to pick the locks on your doors. Even most armed robbers prefer not to get violent since the likelihood of getting away with a violent crime is pretty low. Hiring a security guard can be a great way to deter intruders after your commercial property has closed.

While most security guards aren’t necessarily armed with weapons, they create a presence that can intimidate people who are interested in breaking in. By hiring a patrolling guard, you can ensure that no one gets onto the property or into the building without permission.

Live Feed Security Cameras

The first thing an intruder looks for when attempting to break into an establishment is a security camera. Cameras are one of the best ways to catch a criminal. Even the presence of security cameras can be enough to deter someone who is interested in breaking into your commercial building.

You might feel as though cameras aren’t necessarily the best for preventing a break-in since they capture the incident on video to be watched later. Well, Obsec live security cameras and other live feed cameras actually capture video in real time and you can monitor all activity without having to record the video and watch it on delay.

A live feed camera can even detect movement and notify the owner about any activity that it picks up. So whether you have a monitoring room where someone can watch the security footage in real time or whether you would like to set up your live feed cameras with a mobile monitor to take home with you, you can make sure that there are always eyes on your property.

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