When should a metal hose be used


There is a wide range of industrial hoses to choose from at Proflex Hose, including the Composite Hose, PTFE Smoothbore and Convoluted hose and the Stainless-Steel Hose.

A metal hose should be used as a last resort, it has properties that make it most desirable for heavy duty applications.  Here are a number of things to consider before you choose a metal hose, including the following:


When working under extreme temperatures and pressures, a PTFE hose can easily damage with wear and tear, however, a metal hose can cope under much harsher conditions, minimising the risk of failure and helping maintain performance.

Fire safety

The composite and PTFE hoses from Proflex Hose are ideal for an array of applications, offering excellent flexibility, however unlike metal hoses they are not suitable for use in application where the transport of high temperature liquid and gases is required.

A flexible metal hose from Proflex is a much safer option for your industry to choose offering resistance against heat and fire.


Choose a Proflex flexible metal hose – these are perfect for reducing the risk of damage to your hose, being able to perform under pressure and abrasion, saving you money in the long run, by removing the need for replacing and repairing sub-spar hoses.


The stainless-steel hose provided by Proflex Hose, has been manufactured to offer resistance to a diverse range of chemicals, while maintaining exceptional quality.

Why choose Proflex Hose for a metal flexible hose?

Proflex Hose has an abundance of skills and expertise, so when it comes to using a reputable company you can trust, look no further!

Their metal hoses are typically used for fluids and gases, withstanding heat and corrosion. Proflex Hoses’ flexible metal hoses are used in environments of high vibration, misalignments and vacuums, as well as highly corrosive environments that are susceptible to extreme temperatures.

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