How To Turn Your Workplace Into A Haven


We spend so much time in your offices, at work. In fact, almost half of our waking lives as adults is spend working. So, it stands to reason that you don’t want half of your adult waking life to be torture. And of course, you don’t want to do that to your employees as well. Keeping a pleasant atmosphere at the office will not only increase everyone’s moods and reduce stress levels, it will also increase productivity and profits.

So, what you want to do is turn your workplace into a safe haven, a place where people can do their work, but still relax and know they are safe.  Below are some tips on how to do just that.

Simple comfort

A standard shift is usually 8 hours. That means almost 8 hours of sitting at a desk, in a chair. This can cause serious issues over time, causing back problems, poor posture, and a host of other health problems. So perhaps investing in good office furniture can do the trick. Get high-quality chairs, ergonomic desks, and even set everything up in accordance with ergonomics health standards. Investing in standing desks can also mean a lot, since some may prefer them.

And of course, take care of the ventilation and cleanliness of the office. You can’t really do much for work comfort if you’re stuck in a dirty, stuffy office.

Let peoples’ voices be heard

Nurture an atmosphere of trust and equality. Always allow people to voice their concerns and to bring up any issues they may have. Never belittle any problem or issue, treat everybody the same. Set out a specific time and place to talk to people. Maybe have a biweekly meeting where people can share their thoughts about the company, a meeting that serves as an opportunity to talk about things, to share.

Always allow people to talk, and never pull rank on them. If there is any conflict amongst the employees, don’t attack both of them. Rather, act as a moderator and see what they have to say.

A good rec room goes a long way

This should be pretty obvious, but people sometimes don’t invest in their rec rooms. The rec room is the place where people can unwind, relax, prepare themselves for the other half of the workday. It’s a place where you can blow off steam, get a cup of coffee, or grab a bite to eat. A dirty, cheap rec room won’t do much.

Invest in some kind of entertainment – like a pool or foosball table. Get some Blue Pod office coffee machines, don’t forget to get a microwave, and try to keep the place stocked. Running out of coffee at any workplace is grounds for mutiny, deservedly so.

How the office looks matters

Make the whole place beautiful. People will feel much better if they go to a workplace that has nice lighting, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and big, open windows. Add some paintings or artwork to really make the place pop.

Think about what kind of colours the place is painted in. Certain colours evoke certain emotions. For example, light blue soothes and calms people, it gives off a nice chill vibe. On the other hand, yellow is energetic and joyful, it can really get people moving. Red promotes aggression and assertiveness, while white is sedating and clinical (or pure and clean). Think about what kind of effect you want to promote, read up on colour psychology, and paint the office accordingly.

Getting as much natural light in as possible can do wonders for your office’s atmosphere. Natural sunlight has Vitamin D, which improves people’s moods and immune systems. So, you end up with a healthier and happier office when you let some natural light in. On the topic of health, getting some nice plants is also a good idea. These will freshen up the air in your office, and just look nice in general.

Handle mistakes properly

Know how to handle mistakes your employees make at work. And understand, mistake do, and will, happen. If you are serious about making it into a safe haven, you need to handle employee errors properly. Think about your body language, and your tone of voice. You should be stern, but not threatening, in control, not raving. No matter how serious a mistake this person made, you shouldn’t lose your cool in front of your people.

Furthermore, praise in public, scold in private. You need to let this person know that he or she made a mistake, you can’t just let it pass or they may make the same mistake again. However, scolding them in front of the entire office will just make people freak out about making a mistake. This will either result in more mistakes, or them hiding them until they get worse. On the other hand, if you only praise in public, they will have a clear understanding that if they do well, they will get rewarded for it. Furthermore, they will notice that you notice, which is vital for any business.


Turning your office into a haven is great not only for your staff, but also for your company. It will improve everybody’s moods, while also increasing profits at the company. So, if you want to achieve this, work on your office. Invest in good furniture, make the place beautiful. Set up a good rec room, and nurture an atmosphere of positivity and trust.

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