Low Maintenance, Beautiful Appearance: Choose Laminate Flooring

This cannot be stated often enough: When you’re in the planning stages of a renovation (home or office), you have several options for flooring material. Each of the materials used to produce high-quality floors has its own features and benefits with some finding use in almost every room. In the past couple of decades, the lineup of carpet, linoleum, and natural wood has been expanded to include vinyl and vinyl tile along with the increasingly popular laminate.

This latter option has found favour with thousands of property owners for its appearance and for outstanding durability. The benefits of laminate flooring have made this material a common sight in many homes and businesses. Consider the reduced maintenance required as compared to timber flooring, for example. Laminate gets its name from the distinct layers bonded together during the manufacturing process, which allows it to stand up to constant use.

Remarkable Durability

The top and bottom layers are designed to produce an almost indestructible surface that resists wear from regular foot traffic and will not fade when exposed to sunlight. The unique characteristics of this material allow manufacturers to back the product with extended warranties, some as long as 25 years or 30 years. Of course, your new floor will also be stain-resistant and will even stand up to most impacts. Moisture will not affect it as long as the spill is wiped up quickly.

In addition, this flooring is relatively easy to install and is very affordable when compared to other materials. You can also install it directly over a plywood subfloor or another floor with a hard surface (concrete, linoleum, hardwood). All of these practical benefits might be enough to convince you to choose laminate for your renovation or new construction but there are significant appearance benefits as well.

Tight Budget?

Affordability is one of the primary reasons why many property owners choose this material. When they browse the website of a well-known provider, they soon see that they’ll be able to install a floor that gives the appearance of natural wood or stone but at a reduced price. Families on a tight budget appreciate the amount they must invest to have flooring that will hold up to kids, pets, and regular foot traffic.

This flooring is offered in a range of styles and designs, one of which is sure to suit your interior decor. You’re no longer limited to pieces that resemble hardwood. You can now arrange for installation of flooring that resembles ceramic tile or stone tile. Of course, you’ll also have the option to select the look of natural wood. If you want the outstanding look of a high-quality floor but want low-maintenance benefits as well, laminate should be your choice.

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