Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Screen Printing Business


There are many reasons why people choose to start their own business. From being able to work your hours to not having to deal with a boss you don’t like, being an entrepreneur looks excellent on paper. Unfortunately, many people jump right into buying supplies, printing business cards, and trying to make money without first being aware of the mistakes that can derail their plans. Knowing what these common mistakes are and making a plan to avoid them is one great way to launch your home screen printing business without losing money or having to close your fledgeling company. Have a look at these creative ideas.

Trying to Do It All

Nobody can do it all. When it comes to running a small business, this means trying to be everything to all audiences or potential customers. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to please everyone who may need a screen-printed shirt, knowing your niche and advertising to them is a smart way to keep your income up and your expenses down. When you have a specific niche that you are going to market to, you will be better able to come up with a specific marketing plan and sell the products you design and create.

Here are some potential niches that you may consider marketing to:

  • Church groups who need shirts for trips or community work
  • Local kid sports teams
  • Mothers who want funny shirts to wear
  • Family reunions

Buying Equipment without Learning How to Use It

Anyone can buy a screen printing package and begin printing shirts right away without really learning how to use it, but this will result in a sub-par product and one that you may have difficulty selling to your customers. Great businesses require more than just great equipment, and having a skill base to draw from will help you create high-quality products you can be proud of. You will need to learn about mesh counts and inks to use with your particular machine and make sure you are purchasing high-quality screen printing supplies that will last. Just buying a package without knowing how to use it will not help you succeed.

Not Self-Promoting

This is an easy one to skip over since most small business owners don’t want to pay for the added expense of attaching tags to the shirts they make and sell, but when you neglect to do this, you are limiting your promotion in the community. Shirt tags are a small part of your budget, but they make a massive impact on how professional your shirts look and let others know who made them and how to buy more. Without an informational tag, your shirts just look great. With them, they become a wearable advertisement for your business.

While enthusiasm and excitement about your new screen printing business are both critical, having a solid business plan and knowledge of your equipment are just as important if you are going to succeed and turn a hefty profit. While skimping on quality inks and tags will save you money now, these actions will only hurt you in the long run.

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