Main Drawbacks of OTJ Training for New Employees


When it comes to the removing complaints from Google team, the most important thing when hiring a new employee is training them properly so that they know exactly what they are expected to do from the organization. Negligence training is exactly what on the job training is. It occurs when as employer fails to adequately train an employee who subsequently harms a third party. If it happens that the employee gets dismissed for poor performance or for safety infractions but they never received proper training, they can claim that they received negligence training. There are laws when it comes to training an employee in order to add valuable resources to the company and improve it overall. On the job training is often used because the cost and time dedicated to it is low but this is a problem because the motivation by employees also becomes low. If there are no legal documents basically explaining what your role is, then how are you supposed to know what you are supposed to do.

Use it or lose it is also something used and basically the point of this is so that you need to absolutely use 1% of the salary expenses you put on your income statement. In order for this to be valid, you must record everything including where you had the event, who went, and the time of the event. Gather all receipts for whatever you have organized to be valid and count for the 1% of your salary expense. This can be simply a dinner or a team building event, as long as you state what was done and what its about it will count as a salary expense. If your salary expense was 2,500, 000 in an annual year, then it is the law to spend 1 % on this on training which is 25, 000$. Make sure that as an employer, you don’t use on the job training because this can lead to huge legal issues for the organization and it is a long process.

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