What are the qualifications for a free subscription with trade publications?


According to magazine marketing company ValueMags, the publishers of individual magazines are detail oriented which means that they likely provide information about their magazine subscriptions on their websites already. It is often the polish who makes the final decision on what conditions need to be met for subscriptions.

Firstly, you are required to the most recent information about your industry and what your industry of company entails. Not every publisher is easily persuaded so it is important that you are committed to doing the research ahead of time and building up a good case. There are many ins and outs of publishing as well, so do your research on the publisher and what they have previously published to ensure that you and the publisher are the right fit. It may be that that publisher is not interested in the industry you are representing. ValueMags is a company that is very familiar with working with magazine publishers and their strict wants, needs, and  requirements.

Secondly, you are required to be familiar with the products and services that you are advertising in the potential publication. More importantly, be prepared to answer any questions individuals, especially the publishers, may have for you. The last thing they want to hear is “I don’t know”. They want to make sure they are dealing with a knowledgable partner that will be committed to the publication and everything it entails.

Lastly, you are encouraged to be prepared to go through an assessment, endorsement, acquisition, and even evaluated on your knowledge about the product or service being advertised in the given publication. ValueMags is a company that implements these procedures a lot when they are partnering with new magazine publishers to know that the publishers are ready for the partnership. Not only are they ready, but are they engaged? Are they informed? Are they prepared for a long-term relationship? Are they ready to grow together?

No company or individual wants to get involved with someone or something that is not committed. For trade publications, short-term relationships are useless. You need to be informed and in it for the long-run says ValueMags.

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