Memorable Promotional Pens for Any Industry


With so many different kinds of promotional items on the market and a limited budget for merchandise marketing, sometimes it’s hard to decide between all the cool bags, water bottles and headphones. But one product that is always a great choice for any business is a bulk order of promotional pens.

When it comes to wholesale promotional products, pens are one of the most common choices for businesses and individuals for a few different reasons:

  • You find them everywhere. Even if you’ve never heard of the business being promoted on the pen you’re holding, you’re familiar with it now! Chances are, you probably picked it up somewhere, accidentally walked off with it after borrowing it from a friend, or found it in a goodie bag from an event or show. Promotional pens make their way around from person to person all the time, spreading the word about businesses and services in the area.
  • They’re useful. If you’re a business, you want people to actually use your promotional bags, promotional water bottles or those cool promotional headphones you gave out at your last trade show. Most people use a pen at least once a day, meaning your logo pens will be advertising for you 24/7, no matter where they are.
  • They work for ANY industry. Churches, digital marketing companies, car repair shops, retail shops – promotional pens are perfect in all of these markets, and many more! With a variety of styles, colours and quirky designs, you can completely customize your logo pens to suit your consumer and your business.

Just to show you the many possibilities, here are a few promotional pens we find to be particularly useful, fun and memorable.

Lipstick Promotional Pens

These lipstick promotional pens are as sassy as they get and what Mary Kay consultant wouldn’t just jump on the chance to promote her personal business with these cool pens? Our lipstick logo pens would also be the perfect fit for a cosmetics store, gift shop or nail studio. The options are endless but this is one pen your consumers won’t want to lose.Recycled Paper and Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set

This promotional pen and pencil set comes packed in a convenient recycled paper case – perfect for the travelling writer or artist. The bamboo pencils even come with a wood sharpener and the case can easily be stamped with your business logo and then passed out as giveaways at trade shows or in the office.

Meryl Stylus Promotional Pens

In a tablet and smartphone-driven era, these Meryl stylus promotional pens meet your consumers where they are. Most business-savvy clients would love to have an extra stylus lying around to make tablet usage easier and a two-in-one promotional item is never a bad thing.

Fork Promotional Pens

One of our more unique logo pens, this fork promotional pen is a quirky way to market your restaurant, catering service or the grand opening of a retail food store. Have fun marketing your business with these quirky pens that will have your customers leaving with your food products in hand, ready to dig in.

Spine Bone Promotional Pens

What doctor’s office, hospital, home contractor, or chiropractor couldn’t benefit from these spine bone promotional pens? Memorable, applicable and customizable, we offer a variety of bone logo pens for any specialist or clinic.

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