Tips for scoring well 8th class board exams


An 8th class board exam is an important step in the life of the student. It is termed as a defining moment in a child’s academic career. Students are filled with anxiety and fear of performing well in the exams. There are a lot of subjects which require thorough practice and preparation but mathematics is termed as the most important subject. Cracking class 8th maths question papers can be a difficult task due to the level of difficulty of the questions. Mathematics as a subject is important not for 8th class board exams but also for various competitive exams and entrance test like IIT/JEE.

There are numerous sources where students can prepare for their exams. Out of all the sources available, solving CBSE question papers of previous years can help students to improve their performance in the exams. There are a lot of benefits from solving the previous year papers which are as follows:

  1. Knowledge of exam pattern and type of questions: 

Students get knowledge about the type of questions asked in the exams. Moreover, the question papers of different year help them analyze the exam pattern i.e. understanding which chapter carries more weight than others.

Solving them helps the students analyze their preparation level. They are able to assess their understanding of the basic concepts.

Students learn the ability to manage their time effectively while practising real question papers and mock tests on a daily basis. Students feel confident on the day of the exam. 

It helps to create strategies to solve the question paper in such a way that they are able to finish it on time for revision. They can focus on the questions which are easier and carry weight than the others.

They can access the papers from various online websites but EduSaksham’s online portal and application can provide the same along with other material at a reasonable cost. The content provided by them keeps them organized while preparing for the exams. Moreover, the study materials provided helps the students to quickly revise their entire syllabus efficiently.

Apart from all the study material they even provide certain tips for scoring well in the exams:

Practice regularly:

Mathematics requires the regular practice of important chapters and questions. Daily practice helps to build conceptual knowledge about the subject and have a better understanding of the subject. Chapters which require thorough practice are:


Permutations and combinations


Introduction to quadrilaterals


Linear equations 

Go for the basics and concentrate on NCERT books and study materials: CBSE focuses on NCERT questions by keeping in mind every student taking the exam. Moreover, the chapters and questions in the NCERT books are organised in such a way that students get basic insight on a topic and know what to focus on to score well in the examination. 

Solving Practice papers which are very essential as the students get a basic idea of the exam pattern. Moreover, students should also clear their doubts and Edusaksham, through its tutorials, help the students with the same.

One can search for the keyword mathematics class 8th on the Edusaksham’s official website and get access to all the material necessary for exam preparations.

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