Ottawa Storage – Is This Facility Right for You?


Self storage is something that many people, as well as businesses, might need at a certain point in time or another. Moving to a new home or moving the kids to a college dorm means there are pieces of furniture which are no longer needed at home. If you are moving to a new office, storage in Ottawa East allows you to safely preserve and store items while not in use. Whether it is commercial, industrial or residential in nature, there are dozens of self storage facilities customers can rent a space with. These are some things that can help you choose the right facility:

Duration of storage needs –

If you need to store items for one week, a few days, or several months, many facilities for storage in Ottawa East offer these non-contract options. In some cases, longer term storage is required. Whether it is long or short term in nature, this will dictate where you rent, and the price you will pay for storage needs.

Unit requirements –

Does the facility offer AC in the unit? If you are storing larger items, are there hanging racks in place, as well as sufficient space for large items? Does the facility allow you to store furniture, machinery and equipment, or other equipment on site? It is important to know what can and can’t be stored on site. It is also important to find facilities offering temperature controlled units, if needed. Make sure to consider this when choosing a storage facility.

Security on site

When storing items of value you want to know they are fully protected. Looking for a facility offering around the clock monitoring, 24/7 security cameras and guards, and safety barriers, are some ways to ensure full security for your belongings. Also many facilities offer remote or gated access. This means you need a key or pin code in order to enter. If this is of importance to you as a renter, compare facilities offering this additional means of protection for your storage space.

Cost –

No matter what, you can’t get around price comparison. Everyone, whether they’re a residential, industrial or commercial renter, is looking for the best prices. Many facilities offer discounts for contract or longer term storage. Others offer promotions or specials during certain times of the year. Many will offer a discount if you rent a unit of a particular size when storing your items. When choosing a facility, make sure it has all the desired features on site. But also take the time to compare rental terms, contract negotiations, and the best pricing in the area, to find the right facility to store your belongings.

When choosing the self storage rental unit, it is important to know what can and can’t be stored in the space. It is also important to find the facilities offering the on-site features required as a renter. When comparing facilities, prices, and storage units, these are some relevant factors that will help you choose the best space for belongings you plan on storing.

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