Planning A Company Party


Company parties are often tricky to plan because you need to balance fun and entertaining with professional and budget friendly. There are a few things that you can do to plan a party for your company to make the process easier on yourself. When you decide to plan a company party, the first thing to consider is the date. It is important to pick a date that is not too close to the holidays and not in the middle of the week because they will result in a poor turnout.

If you work in a small company the office may be a good venue, but for larger companies it is important to find a venue that fits into your budget and can accommodate all the attendees as well as any entertainment you may hire. When it comes to entertainment, you need to choose a band or a DJ or maybe just a sound system depending on the type and size of the party. If you are planning a small office party, you will need to consider a sound system rather than a full band because space and price will be a big factor.


Regardless of whether you are planning a small company party for 15 people or a large event for 200 employees, you need to arrange food and drinks. These things provide your attendees with sustenance and help guests feel at ease which promotes their interactions. Your menu can range from finger foods like pigs in a blanket, nachos or cheese dip, to a full meal with several courses. If you decide to have a small company party, you can ask employees to bring items like a potluck. For a larger party, it would be more sensible to hire a caterer who can provide everything you need.

Make it unique

It is important to make your event unique and memorable in order to make people enjoy it and truly share in the experience. One great idea to do this is to choose a unique venue such as a boat or aquariums or even museums. Choosing a theme for your party and following through all the way with food and decorations as well as entertainment can be one of the best ways to make your company party memorable. If you are planning a very large event, it is a good idea to hire a professional planner for the event to save time in the planning process and to get great bang for your buck within your allotted budget.


A great idea to motivate people to come to the event and make it truly memorable is to provide door prizes, recognition awards, and maybe even activities with prizes such as gift certificates or trophies for the event. One great thing to do which will make your company party one for the books is having a dance floor with a balloon drop with prizes for employees. It gets them involved and is a guaranteed good time.

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