Small Details Can Turn A Big Profit


Because of the state of the economy and the apparent lack of growth in the property market these days, you might naively believe that selling your property now would mean that you were selling at a greatly reduced price. This would have been true a few years ago. However the property market is showing some positive signs of recovery and therefore you should once again consider selling.

Yet, tough times mean that you will not get an easy sale without doing a little hard work first. It is recommended that you understand your target audience and what you can do to improve your chances of getting a sale before prospective buyers come to view your home. Interestingly there are some simple techniques which can really help to improve the overall look of your property to allow prospective buyers to see the full potential of your home once it is stripped back. Often the smallest details make the biggest difference!

Big Profit

This blog will examine a few simple ways that you can improve the look and value of your property to ensure that you sell it at the price you hope to.

What a Mess
Possibly the easiest way to show off the respective qualities and space that your home offers is by doing a little spring cleaning. By tidying and removing any clutter you will successfully create more space in your property which should open up spaces. Then by cleaning this space well, you will be left with a professional and spacious home to offer prospective buyers.

If you have a lot of possessions which you do not want to throw away then you should consider storing these important items somewhere else just while you complete the house viewings. This will allow viewers to see the property as a blank canvas which will be more appealing to them. By clearing out, you will also make the moving process easier for yourself when you finally sell the property.

The Finish is Everything
Although a simple clean and tidy should improve the feel of your property, you should also consider changing and updating the finish and fittings to appeal to a different generation of buyers. In these money-strapped times, many people are looking for properties which can be moved straight into, without them having to do a great deal of work. Therefore by updating your property and painting the walls a calming and plain colour, you should be able to create a space which is ready for anyone to live in.

To cut down on costs you should consider updating small features such as light switches and door handles whilst adding simple, yet decorative ornaments to areas of your home. These small changes will modernise the feel of your property and should focus the eye of the viewer to disguise older parts of the property; unless of course they are elements of character in the home which should therefore be promoted.

Number of Bedrooms
The value of a property is often based on the number of bedrooms which it has and therefore, when selling your home, you should ensure that each room functions as it did when you brought the property. For example, you might have turned one of the original bedrooms into an office, study or dressing room. If this is the case then you need to ensure that you refit this space into a bedroom so that you can advertise and justify your home as having more bedrooms than you have been using. What’s more, you could consider converting a space such as a loft or basement to create an extra bedroom. However, you will need to ensure that you get planning permission on such a conversion before you begin the transformation.

Jann Webb is a writer who believes that you should make small changes to your property before you sell to ensure that you get the asking price. She suggests cleaning your home and updating fixtures such as Light Switches to ensure that your home retains its value.

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