Reasons for conducting factory and supplier audits


There are many different kinds of audits or inspection carried out in the industry. They are mainly intended for ensuring that we are able to achieve the desired quality and customer trust. Mainly the trust of the customer is achieved through the quality service which is provided to them. Inspection service used can either be on the product which is manufactured or on the process used for its manufacturing.

Many different kinds of inspection procedures exist based on the kind of process or product. It will require identifying the best suitable from them based on one’s requirements. Each of the inspection procedure is designed to identify a certain kind of quality among the system or processes. This will help us in having a clear picture about the organization where inspection is going on.

Reasons for conducting factory and supplier audits

There are many reasons why these kinds of audits are carried out. It is based on the kind of audit which is selected. Basically, there are six kinds of audits conducted in the organization. They include Complete China Factory Audit, Basic Factory Audit, Complete Reseller Audit, Business Licence Check, and many more. We have discussed a brief overview of the reason for these audits.

  1. Complete China Factory Audit: It will help in confirming about who is the owner of the factory. This will also help us to give a detailed insight into the legal status, bank accounts and many more. As a result of that inspection, an organization can have detailed insight into the way an organization is functioning. Even it will involve the steps which they are taking for maintenance of the quality within the organization.
  2. Basic Factory Audit: This audit is similar to the complete factory audit except that they are not including the review of the materials and packing departments, testing department and even the social compliance. All the remaining factors which are present in the complete factory audit are also included.
  3. Complete Reseller Audit: In this audit, it is including the inspection of company size, ownership and also the management and legal status of the company. Mainly it will include non-manufacturing entities like agents, brokers, distributors and many more. One should use this service prior to the transacting business with any of the agent, broker, distributor and more.
  4. Business Licence Check: This audit will include confirming all the details like company name, legal status, registration number and many more. It will, therefore, help in having all the details about the company and its legal status. As a result of that, we can know a complete status and the stand of the company in legal terms.


Thus, we can say that there are many different types of inspection. Each of them is having their own peculiarities of being used for a specific task. All these inspection procedures are designed to ensure that a particular kind of peculiarity of the organization is checked. It will help us in having a clear understanding of the status of the organization among different specified parameters.

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