What are the softwares that easily monitor the employee productivity


Measuring the productivity of your employees has gone from being a nice thing to have into an absolute essential. Ensuring that your team are turning up on time and doing all that is required of them is crucial to driving your business forward, while supporting people to develop.

And SINC Free Employee Time Clock is the perfect way to do this. It is the ultimate piece of software that easily monitors what is going in in a business. And here’s how it works –


Both you and your team will be able to operate SINC by downloading the simple app. It is easy to use. All your team needs to do is clock in and out on the app. It also stores GPS data, so you know that this is an accurate picture. This is ideal if you have multiple sites or team out in the field.


You should show your team how to use the app. It is simple to learn, and won’t take up much time. At the same time, you should talk to them about why you are bringing it in. As with anything new, having those conversations is vital.


From the data inputted by your team, you can see what is going on in your business. This means that you can see who is turning up late, who might have a higher level of absenteeism and who needs some support and guidance from you. This is all vital to help you monitor what is going on.


From there, you can see an improvement in how your team perform. In the first instance, this might be because they are being tracked. But in the longer term, you will see opportunities to develop people. And all of this is backed up so you can access the data whenever you need it.

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