Servo Motor Repair – The professional way of dealing


There is no need to mention the brand image of Servo across the globe. It has become a household name for every community and is well-known for its sophisticated motors. With such complicated designs only a professional can deal with the repair or servicing. One must note that there are general companies and there are explosion proof servo repair companies that can help in solving every little problem associated with servo motor repairs. Here is the procedure used by these companies to deal with the motors.

Dissembling process

Some companies dissemble the motor without noting down details about the parts and where to fit them. This may make them feel as professional but during the assembly they can suffer a great deal and misplace some parts. Therefore, professional companies like Accu Electric Repair Company would definitely write down or take photos during the dissembling process. This lets them to have a convenient service without the worry of misplaced parts and improper assembly.

Checking the Motor

As mentioned the motors manufactured by Servo are sophisticated; hence, they need careful inspection. Only after a thorough checking from the servo motor repair company can the professionals understand the problematic region. Some of the general areas or parts to be looked at are the bearings, the encoder, the shaft and the motor cables. Preliminary examination would reveal if there are any problems with them and the professional will take care of it first.

Motor Testing & Rotation

While testing a motor, the professionals check for the presence of shorts. With the help of a short detecting meter the inspection members will look at the motor. If they deem that there are frequent occurrences of shorts or there might be chance that the servo motor could exhibit such anomaly, they will immediately tend the parts. The formation of shorts can be either due to contamination, overheating or wear and tear.

Explosion proof servo repair companies, after taking care of the shorts will move on to the next procedure i.e. to look at the rotation performance of the servo motor. Voltage, starting at zero volts, is passed through the winding and the volts are gradually increased to see whether the shaft is running at the ideal point or it has exceeded the volt limit. Further, they will check for wobbly movements, unwanted vibrations, bent shafts, bad bearings, etc. Together, the examination gives a thorough report of the servo motor and the things that need attention.

Agreement with the customer

Once the thorough analysis of the problems regarding the servo motor are determined, the customer is given a call and provided with estimation. Further, the professionals will know about any accidents or harm done to the motor to know more. Finally, an agreement is made between the servo motor repair company and the customer to move forward with the repair.

Sometimes the problem might be very minor like dust in unwanted places and sometimes it might be very severe like bent shaft. Whatever the problem is, the professionals would love to take care of the servo motor and deal with it like a new born.

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