Starting Your Own Travelling Stall Business.


Wanting to get your own Festival Stall? Market Stall? On-The-Road Moving business? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Included in this will explain what you can do and steps you can take to making a sure earning within your business!

Planning and Prep

The most essential part to any start-up business is the calm before the storm: Prep and Plan! Here are things you will need to consider before starting up your adventure.

  • Produce/Resources (What do you have or need).
  • Money and Budgeting.
  • Market (Who are you selling for? What ages/types of people go to that place? Will you have any competing businesses alongside you? Will it sell in that area?).
  • What you plan on selling/making.
  • Branding and Advertisement.
  • Buildings/Stalls (You can book your festival space and place a table, caravan, hire portable buildings).


Make sure you have the relevant licences such as Public Liability Insurance, or if selling food or weapons, make sure you have the right documents to go alongside. Also make sure you have workers (working alone can be daunting) and make sure you know all the rules and regulations of the place you are going to such as music licences,

Time to get creative!

It’s time to make a name for your business. You can hire a professional or do it yourself, but quality is quantity in this situation. The better you look; The more custom you will get. Make a company name, make flyers, banners, logo’s, you could even make a website or online shop and engage in digital promotion and marketing.

Finally, …

The last steps to a successful sale are based in the planning but here, this is when you’re close to starting. Make sure you know what times to set up, give time for breaks during and make extra time for any problems or issues that may arise (hopefully they won’t). While setting up, make sure you follow ALL health and safety regulations such as making sure all wires are out of the way, kept dry and covered. Label all items and create a list of what you came with and check it before you leave. Make sure you have covered all workers shifts, gone through any procedures that may be asked of you (such as risk assessments and fire safety drills). Have the right travel to and from the venue. Make sure you have extra money, supplies, food and anything else that could be beneficial to you.

Now, go out and put this planning to use! I’m not lying, it can become very hard work but results will happen if you’ve taken these steps.

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