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The Benefits of Office Partitioning


Business practices have shifted over the past few decades with more emphasis on teamwork. At one time all of the different departments would be partitioned away in their own sector. The traditional concept of each person having their own room, with departments self-contained and independent of each other, has given way to open-planning solutions.

Create the right ambience

Partitioning is an ideal way to improve the layout and function of an office environment. With the latest designs, you can create a modern, attractive working environment, with the required level of privacy. People respond to change and with partitioning, it is easy to rearrange things on a regular basis, keeping peoples’ interest high.


Some managers have a hands-on approach and like to have a high level of visibility across the work area, which is essential if you want to know what everyone is doing. Partitioning allows you to create a unique layout, one that maximises the use of your floor space, while giving you both privacy and visibility.


When a company first arrives at the new office, it is basically four walls and a large open area, which is ideal for partitioning. Sufficient workstations need to be created, with careful thought as to where each employee will be stationed. It is ideal to have people who communicate often to be seated near each other.  If you have just started a business and are looking for office workstations in Perth, a simple online search will reveal a professional company that can provide the perfect solution. Apart from the partitioning, a good office renovator will be able to provide everything you need to start work, such as office furniture, filing cabinets, and other necessary items. With an established company offering a complete service, all your office needs will be taken care of.

Portable screens

These are used for temporary solutions, and also add some variation and colour when placed correctly. Portable, free-standing panels are used to create small workstations, providing flexibility and instant access. Some projects might require a change of floor plan, and with portable screens, this can easily be achieved.

More focused employees

With partitioning, people are less distracted by things happening around them, so they can focus more their task. Partitioning also offers a degree of privacy, something we all expect in this day and age. With soundproofing technology, you won’t have to listen to the phone meeting next door, with each employee enjoying their private space within an open-plan environment.

Glass partitions

A glass partition brings more light into the room and creates an illusion of more space, while also offering visibility combined with privacy. An opaque glass partition with three, clear horizontal strips will give you a high degree of visibility, without compromising on your privacy.

Consult the professionals

If you are considering revamping your office, contact a reputable office fitout and renovation company, who can effectively design and fit your workspace for maximum efficiency, in a cost-effective way. This essential service has enabled countless businesses to operate effectively, by providing innovative solutions for productive office environments.

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