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Mobile Shredding Service Can Keep Your Business Safe

Not all of the paper you and your employees throw out in your Toronto office is purely waste. Every day, documents containing confidential materials regarding client and employee information are discarded. As a business in Canada, you have an obligation to secure this information, even if you mean to dispose of it. These laws make it illegal to discard this information as regular trash, as it puts your business and your clients at risk of critical identity theft. In order to abide by these laws, many Toronto businesses are scheduling appointments with document destruction services.

Dumpster diving is a favourite activity for criminals to find information-rich documents. Garbage and recycling bins on public property can be searched with impunity, and, if physical files aren’t destroyed of properly, it’s only a matter of time before these criminals locate contact information and financial account numbers. Armed with this data, they can open up false accounts in other people’s names and defraud them of money.

Yet the large garbage bins awaiting pickup aren’t your only concern. The smaller unsecured containers in your office pose a risk as well. Employees, whether out of ignorance or malice, can expose confidential materials before they ever reach the trash. As you research information about security protection for your business, education plays an important role in your business’ compliance to federal privacy laws. Making sure your employees know what information should never be shared or discarded like regular garbage is essential.

Incorporating shredding services into your normal operations is another way to keep criminals from accessing this information. The best shredding companies Toronto businesses trust to keep their data safe offers a comprehensive plan against identity fraud. First, they provide locked containers for your office. The contents of these cases are untouchable until their scheduled pick-up. Second, your chosen shredding company will dispatch uniformed and fully bonded personnel who will collect these containers and destroy their contents on-site with their mobile shredding trucks. These trucks destroy any paper to the point that it’s impossible to retrieve the information it once stored.

When you sign up for document shredding Toronto businesses trust, you can ensure your office is compliant to the law and therefore secure. So ask colleagues to find out their preferred contacts and find a service that can guarantee complete destruction of physical files. It’s the only way to keep your business and your clients safe from identity theft.

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