The Benefits of Standing at Work


New research has indicated that sitting for extended periods of time is actually incredibly damaging to your body. These researchers found that people who sat all day uninterrupted at work were much more likely to experience premature death than those who moved around more. The effects of sitting for long uninterrupted periods of time was not mitigated by exercise. The studies found that the only solution to the problem of sitting for too long was to get up and move around a little bit. Some simple standing and stretching can help you live longer. For this reason, standing desks have begun to grow in popularity.

Aren’t Standing Desks Uncomfortable?

The short answer is no. Standing desks are not uncomfortable. Standing can get tiring after a while, but for short periods of time, it’s actually very beneficial to get up and move around. Standing improves your blood flow, improves your posture and stretches your muscles.

You’ll find that most standing desks are designed for standing for limited periods of time. They are either adjustable desks so you can go from sitting to standing in seconds, or they’re desks in common areas. The desk beside the copy machine or the desk at the reception area might be standing desks because you’ll only be there for a few minutes anyway. Those are great ways to get your employees on their feet.

Many people like to pair their standing desks with an anti-fatigue mat, which is a cushioned mat that takes pressure off your feet, hips and back. They allow you to stand for longer and remain comfortable.

Won’t That Hurt Productivity?

Again, the short answer is no. Studies have shown that employees who stand are actually more attentive, more collaborative and more productive. Standing tends to raise energy levels in employees since you can’t really doze off while standing. So, employees are more energetic. Also, it’s easier to move around from a standing position, so they are more likely to walk around and consult with their fellow employees on different matters. Everyone who has ever operated a business knows that employee collaboration makes for faster and more efficient work. Isn’t it incredible how easily office furniture can create a more productive workplace?

Aren’t They Expensive?

Standing desks, especially the adjustable workstations, tend to be a little more expensive than the standard desks. However, when you account for the increased productivity and the increase in job satisfaction, they’re a great investment. When employees are happier and collaborate more, they’re more likely to stay where they are—at least when it comes to your business. Everyone who runs a business knows that the longer an employee is there, the more skilled they become at their jobs and the more invested they become in the well-being of the company. If you can keep your employees around for longer with just a few changes in desks, you have to consider it.

Keeping your employees happy and productive is your number one goal as a business owner. Happy, productive employees make more money for themselves and for your business. A change in furniture to standing desks can actually accomplish that fairly easily.

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