The Usefulness of Shipping Containers


While shipping containers are great for moving merchandise across the world on ships, they are used for a variety of other purposes as well. Many businesses buy used shipping containers to use as extra storage for old equipment or extra supplies if they don’t have enough warehouse space. Homeowners may use old containers to store furniture or other household goods so they don’t clutter their garage and to keep the elements from ruining them.

Using Shipping Containers

The reason that shipping containers are popular is that they can keep the items stored within them safe from exposure to the weather. Shipping containers are made to withstand gale-force winds, salt water and the buffeting they can experience on a long sea voyage. So, if you need a waterproof, airtight place to store furniture, equipment or merchandise you don’t have room for in your home or business, you can purchase a used shipping container for extra storage.

Buying a shipper container is often less expensive than renting a storage unit; plus, you can keep the container on your property to access the items at any time. Many farmers and ranchers use containers for storing extra feed or hay because buying shipping containers is much less expensive than building a new barn or storage buildings on their property. In addition, they can move the container wherever they need it by truck when they move their livestock out to pasture.

Sizing Shipping Containers

Not only do shipping containers hold up well against severe weather, but they are spacious enough to hold several rooms full of furniture and several thousand kilograms of weight. Most shipping container companies sell containers in several sizes, including 10’, 20’ and 40’ lengths. Along with length, shipping containers can also vary in width and height. Shipping container dimensions are measured both internally and externally, so you can buy the size container you need for the items you’re planning to store.

If you are keeping household goods in a shipping container, then most 10’ containers will hold everything necessary for one- to two-bedroom homes, while a 20’ container can hold the items of a three-bedroom house. If you are storing tall items, you will need to measure their height to make sure you get a container with the proper dimensions to keep from having to lay your possessions on their side in order for them to fit.

How Much Are Shipping Containers?

The price of a shipping container will depend on whether it is new, used or damaged. If you are willing to buy a container with a few small dents and scratches, you may be able to buy a used 20’ container for around $2,500, but a new container can cost as much as $15,000. The price will also be affected by the type of container you wish to buy.

If you need to have extra storage for your business or at home, you can purchase a shipping container to provide storage on your property and to keep your belongings safe from severe weather.

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