Fingerprints came into existence in the 19th century but officially fingerprint technology was followed by the Scotland Yard in 1901. That was the time when there was an invasion of a new tool which might be more helpful to recognise the persons deeply. But with the passage of time fingerprinting technology improved and it was 1989 when this technology got a sharp rise. And since then the ink technology of fingerprinting diversified to the live scan fingerprints. That was really a new thing which can serve humankind in a more benevolent way and can work for the beneficiary of people.

However, whether we talk about the ink technology or we pay a look at the live scan which is being processed by scan and laser technology, there are few terms which are same. Some of the main characteristics terms which get influence and being observed during fingerprint results are always same. They are the main segments and terminologies of fingerprinting. Let’s have a look at some more sounding fingerprint terminologies:

1. Ridge segment

When we pay a look at the fingerprints we find out some dark lines. These dark lines which seemed to be more prominent are called as ridges.

2. Core segment

The second and most important part of fingerprints is the core. The segment which resides in between and at the centre of a fingerprint. This segment seems like the recurve and ridges here are in returning form.

3. Delta segment

Another segment which might look more prominent and plays a crucial role in the formation of a fingerprint is the delta. This segment might reside at the right or left side of a fingerprint and this segment is shaped like a point of three sides. Delta is such segment where 3 ridges meet with each other.

These all are the terminologies and segments which come to influence when dealing with fingerprints. Whatever would be your fingerprinting locations you will find these pattern segments in your fingerprints.

Naming the fingerprinting shapes

However, when we find out the different patterns which are followed by the fingerprints then we came to see some fixed shapes. Some of the shapes along with brief details have been illustrated as follows:

Arch shape

This is such shape and such area which comes across in the middle of a fingerprint. When we find this shape here the ridges starts from one side and goes to the other side. And the opposite side is like the ending of ridges. There would be no delta and no core in this region.

Whorl shape

A shape of fingerprint where you find out that the fingerprint area has two factors in it. The first one is having two cores which are situated oppositely. Also, this shape got two areas among them one is left and one is right and both are deltas. In simple means, whorl is such shape which has two cores and two deltas both.

Loop area

In the loop, ridges follow the pattern like the arch to some extent. Because they enter from one side make a shape of loop and then get back in the same manner. This area got one core and one delta too. Another thing which is different about the loop is that it can be at both right and left sides of a fingerprint.

These all are the areas which you might get influenced by while having the fingerprints. Doesn’t matter you go for the live scan or ink print but the results would be among the explained areas. Live scan cost would be about $25 and this can clearly identify all of the areas and segments of your fingerprint.

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