Most popular magazines in the U.S.


Valuemags sells hundreds of different magazines to the American market. Each magazine is targeted to a different audience. There are even a handful of them that are offered for free. There are no strings attached since there is no need to enter credit card information. Not only that but you can accumulate points by doing various things like answering surveys and sharing content with your friends. You can eventually redeem the points you have collected for a Starbucks or Amazon gift card.

One of the free magazines you can subscribe to is Better Homes and Gardens. It is one of the most magazines in circulation in the United States. Because the subject matter is appealing to a bigger majority of people, it would make sense that it is more popular than seventeen magazine. Better Homes and Garden was founded in 1922 and is in the top 5 magazines in circulation.

Reader’s Digest is another magazine that is quite popular available to Valuemags customers. Since the actual size of the magazine is fairly compact, some people might have a hard time reading the text since it may be too small. The large print is also available for people who would have that problem.

National Geographic has been around since 1888 and is still one of the most read magazines out there. Because the content is on the educational side, they are even issues for kids and toddlers. Valuemags has all of these versions available for customers for purchase. The following most circulated magazine is Good Housekeeping. Its popularity is fairly close to that of National Geographic’s.

Not only are the magazines available in print format, customers can also have them on digital as well. Valuemags has developed a program where people can access their favorite magazines on any device with a touch of a finger. There is still authentication in order to protect the published content being shared with people who are not subscribed through the program. This is done through click-based identification and subscribers don’t have to download an app or create an account.

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