The Top Most Efficient Webinar Software Tools Free To Use


Putting on a webinar becomes important while owning a business or running a blog. There are many reasons behind the significance of the webinar such as giving employees a training, conducting an online panel discussion, teaching any course, hosting of any event, running a workshop, etc. Following are some of the best webinar software free and accessible in today’s time to perform all those things, and this description will help in carrying out webinar software comparison.

  • Google+ Hangout

It is one of the free webinar tools of Google+ platform dealing with chatting and video calling, and supports features for presentations, meetings, and workshops, etc. It supports up to ten people in one audio or video call, and functions on all platforms and devices.

  • Skype

It is one of the most famous applications for video and conference calling. Therefore, many people use it for workshops, coaching, and group meetings. It supports up to 25 people in a single voice call, and all kinds of files and data can be shared through Skype.

  • YouTube

One of the biggest streaming platforms is YouTube which provides numerous ways to access large audience, and to connect with them directly. It has a stable URL for live streaming of the videos, and has got no limit on the number of viewers.

  • Facebook

Just like YouTube, Facebook is also the most popular platforms for making vast audience and creating new ways to connect and interact with them.

  • Zoom

Zoom is popular for its high quality and stable conferencing along with the webinar software that can support loads for enterprise as well as business use. Its other features include screen sharing, desktop app, cloud and local recording, slack integration, etc.

  • Adobe Connect

In order to set up an impressive event and a webinar, Adobe has come up with their product called Adobe Connect that supports different organizations. Some of its key features include rich multimedia options, recording, privilege and invitation management, archiving, Microsoft Outlook integration, complete mobile collaboration, and much more.

  • MegaMeeting

It is used for seminars, demonstrations regarding a product, online training, etc. It is mobile friendly and browser based for making collaborations easy. In it, there are various ways to join a meeting, and has got safe conferencing. It has the ability to share different types of files and websites.

In the present time when blogging and running a business through social media have become common, putting on the webinars has become significant in order to make collaborations easy. Many webinar software tools have been set up for the mentioned goal; some of which have been briefly discussed. All these along with other software have made the interactions, sharing, and communications easy for the smooth running of the business and other things.

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