What does Rs 649 buy for you


The Indian Rupee plunged to its lowest ever value against the USD a few days ago. But why should you care – you’ve got Rs 649 to spend and an excellent (postpaid) plan.

The nation was recently rocked by news of the INR falling to a value of 69 units against 1 USD – this is the lowest ever that the Indian Rupee has plunged in the last decade or more. Corresponding to a fall in the INR is normally accompanied a rise in prices of commodities, whether essential or luxury ones. The situation becomes problematic because one’s income does not rise to compensate for the fall in the currency values – so you have to spend more from the same pool of resources!

In the light of the state of the economy after demonetisation, the promulgation of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and now the fall in the currency value, there are hardly any good things money can buy under Rs 1,000. Maybe you could stock a few groceries, or buy a basic dress online for this much money. Everything else seems out of reach – or is it?

What if you could buy the best postpaid phone plan under Rs 700, and in fact, save a lot of money doing so? Seems impossible?It’s not, with Airtel’s Rs 649 postpaid plan. If you’re not an Airtel user, you could opt for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) online to transfer your number to this superb postpaid offering.

The Rs 649 plan – small price, big benefits

Airtel’s launched the Rs 649 postpaid plan a few months ago to a tremendous reception all over the country. We recommend that you do the MNP online to avail of this stupendous postpaid plan, at the earliest. It saves money, as well as gives you the unparalleled advantage of superfast Internet speeds and always-on connectivity.

It is amongst the most cost-effective postpaid plans in the market at the moment, with a host of unique benefits tacked on to it that make it a special offering indeed.

Briefly, let’s break down the features of the Rs 649 plan.

* Pricing: The monthly rental on this plan is just 649 for two connections. How many things can you think of that will cost Rs 649 only, and which will last a month and give you complete satisfaction? While you’re pondering this, consider the next factor on this plan, which is –

* Benefits: For just Rs 649 per month, you get a humongous 90 GB data, data rollover for unused data, unlimited free local/STD and roaming (both incoming and outgoing) calls, one year free Amazon Prime subscription, and access to Airtel TV, Wynk Music, Handset Repair Protection, etc.

* Additional benefits: As if the benefits ingrained in the plan were not enough, Airtel offers other value-based services. For instance, you can do the MNP online seamlessly and without extra hassle to yourself, in case you wish to change your current service provider and get the Airtel postpaid connection.

So why haven’t you bought this excellent postpaid plan already? Change from your current plan and provider – do the MNP online – and port to Airtel in four easy steps.

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