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Personal injury has been part of the daily lives of the citizens. It may hit you at one time. If you want to learn more about these information, you can visit websites like

General information

Accidents could occur to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Accident causing injuries like slips, falls, and trips are extremely common in the workplace. Actually, according to the recent data by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and United States Department of labor, slips, falls, and trips contributed 296,130 cases over 1.2 million cases on the sum total private, state, and local government workplaces. Additionally it possesses an incidence rate of 27.9 and averages about 11 days far from work resulting from these accidents. Financially, it would cost $40,000 per incident.

As a result of huge number of incidents related to slips, falls and trips, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an agency of the United States Department of Labor, aims to tighten and enhance the standards on walking-working surfaces by providing certain guidelines to employers. Employers who’d fail to comply on these pair of guidelines for the safety and protection of the workers could be fined by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration. To get started, it is important to visit websites like


Make a complete assessment on the workplace or facility. Locate the areas which are susceptible to slips, trips, and falls incidents. Always practice good housekeeping methods that will make the workplace more organized and clean. It will be an indicator if the safety program implemented is effective.

Mark uneven surfaces and walkways. To provide warning to uneven surfaces and to guide passageways, use floor tape specifically reflective tape on areas having different types of lighting. Mark certain areas for the keeping equipment and tools in order to avoid disorganized arrangement that will cause slips, trips, and falls incidents.

Keep all surfaces clean and dry where possible. Poorly maintained surfaces are the most typical cause of slip, trips, and fall incidents. To prevent incidents like these, make sure that all surfaces are properly maintained, provide traction on slippery surfaces, and add anti-skid tape (yellow and black stripes) with warning signs.

Post safety labels and signs. These safety signs will give initial information and warning on a particular area to avoid accidents. Ensure that the signs are highly visible and readable with some pictographs to provide more information. Check if these signs do not need poor lighting. Employers should make sure that the employees are well informed and trained regarding safety and protection round the facility or workplace. Provide seminars and training. Their awareness and training to this matter are crucial to the prevention of slips, trips, and falls accidents.

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