What are thermally broken Extruded Aluminium Profiles?


Thermally broken profiles are mainly used in the manufacture of frames for doors and windows to provide superior insulation and guarantee waterproof capabilities. When the frames of aluminium windows are extruded they create complex cross-sectional shapes with multiple slots and ridges for the quick and easy installation of the glass panels. They are particularly useful in the manufacture of double or triple glazing held in one convenient unit. Although aluminium provides excellent thermal insulation, window frames can still reduce the effectiveness of double glazing unless additional sections are fitted.

How thermally broken Frames work

The technology involved in thermally broken frames is actually relatively simple. It involves placing a reinforced section in the form of an accurately shaped bar that conveniently slots into the interior of the aluminium profile. Usually made of a polyamide resin it is fitted into the interior of the frame and is concealed from view. It is an addition that provides superior heat retention, contributes to the control of the temperature during hot weather and insulates against noise. One simple layer ensures that the aluminium window frame is both airtight and waterproof.

The Advantages of thermally broken Frames

By incorporating a thermal break inside the extruded aluminium window frames you eliminate draughts and leaks. The efficient operformance of the windows is increased by as much as 80%. Aluminium window frames are rust resistant and guaranteed to provide up to one hundred years of reliable wear. A thermal break also helps provide extra security. And of course, aluminium window frames offer a low maintenance option as they never need painting.

Professional Engineering

The secret of success when incorporating a thermal break with aluminium extrusion window frames is in the tooling. Professionally designed dies or moulds are made to the highest specification to create the furrows and hollows needed to insert the polyamide thermal breaks. The intricate cross-sectional profiles of aluminium extrusions have a reassuring degree of accuracy that allows the two components to slot together with ease leaving no gaps. The extrusion process is perfect for manufacturing aluminium window and door frames that include a thermal break. Aluminium extrusions can be manufactured to lengths of up to thirty metres for designs that feature large picture windows. . Edmo for a complete cost-effective service for the manufacture of dies and aluminium extrusions for thermally broken window and door frames.

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