Three Ways Apps are Revolutionizing Business


We are without a doubt well into the information age. And the greatest highlight of this is the proliferation of progressive web apps that have dominated the online realm. Unlike a few decades, it is estimated over 45% of the world’s adult population has access to a smartphone. The percentage is significantly higher in the Western developed countries. And the best way to harness the potential of such gadgets has been via integrating mobile-based apps into business. These new apps have had a tremendous impact on how businesses operate.

1. Enabling Effective Customer Engagement

We live in a day and age where most customers are partial to services that they can reach easily via their handsets. For instance, given the option, most people would prefer to order meals/drinks straight via their phone through an exclusive rather than walk down the nearest joint around the corner. In other words, this means that apps have created an easy and effective medium of customers to reach the services/business that they need. On the other hand, an app grants the business owner or entrepreneur a unique of engaging with their customers in a real-time and organized manner. They can also seamlessly collect/gather data and feedback left easily via the same mobile application without necessarily relying on any other third-party platform such as independent surveys.

2. Boosts Communication Between Companies and their Customers

Apart from availing services to the target audience, a mobile or web-based app can also double up as a communication channel between customers and the service provider. Given that it is possible to relay real-time notifications to the user/customer via an app, there exists a mammoth potential for an offline business to scale up and improve communication by integrating an exclusive app into their enterprise operation model. For instance, a shrewd businessman can employ geo-targeted push notifications to alert their clients of a new outlet whenever they drive or walk past by it. Similarly, a restaurant owner can use push notifications to bolster loyalty by reminding diners to leave a feedback as soon as they are done with their meal. Customers, on the other side of the spectrum, can take advantage of mobile-based apps to give their suggestions on some of the product catalogs that they would wish to have on the company’s apps product list.

3. Apps Generally Help Business Decentralize their Target Market Base

There is arguably no easier way or reaching millions of people around the world than by launching an app for your service/business model. Not only is it simpler to market your business via an application but it is also a more effective channel of growing your online reach considering that millions of people around the globe now own smartphones or laptops. In addition to this, mobile and web apps provide an easy, effortless access to information regarding your products or service to prospective clients/customers. A good example is the ‘about’ section that every functional app of Google Playstore contains that outlines the range of related services that a specific application offers.

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