Why Businesses should use an Online Holiday Planner


As a business operating in the United Kingdom, it is a legal requirement for you to offer your staff holidays. This means that you are going to need to put effort into ensuring that you keep track of all of those holidays. On this page, we are going to discuss why you should really be going down the route of using an online holiday planner.

What is an online holiday planner?

Simple! Rather than recording the holidays in a diary, something which many business owners seem to do for some reason, you just record them online. It is convenient. Everybody knows where to go if they want to book their holiday and the like. I am sure that you can already see some of the benefits of a system like this!

It is a good record

One of the problems with going down the diary route or, worse yet, having little bits and pieces of paper floating about which say when somebody has a holiday booked, is the fact that mistakes can be made. If only one person has access to that diary, then you will find it difficult to correct mistakes. You will probably not be surprised at the amount of companies which ‘double book’ holiday time, mainly because there is no proper record in place.

People will always have access to the holiday planner

One of the biggest problems with having a single point of contact for holidays is that this person, even if the business is incredibly small, is always going to field questions of who has holidays booked and when. It is going to be irritating for them. When you have an online holiday planner, every staff member will be able to login to the system and see who has holiday booked and when. This will allow them to plan their holidays a little better.

Depending on the system that you use, the staff will also be able to book themselves in for holiday. This is fantastic as it ensures that one person is not under a ton of pressure to make sure that holidays are scheduled properly.

Stops overbooking for holidays

A good online holiday planner will ensure that people are not able to overbook their holidays! One of the biggest problems a business owner has will be ensuring that every staff members uses up their holiday entitlement properly. This is a tough job. The online holiday planner will remove the stress.

Ensures that you have the staff available

Finally, an online holiday planner will allow you to see, at a glance, about when you may need to get people in to cover shifts. It is going to make planning a whole lot easier for you. This makes your business a whole lot easier to run. If you go down the diary route, then you will need to look at every page of the diary to see when people are off. This can make things difficult and you may miss some days that people have booked.

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