Tips To Effectively Manage Customer Complaints at Call Centres


Complaints are a part and parcel of the business and so they have their own importance. If the customers don’t have any complaints, then it would get very difficult for the management to know the areas in which they are lacking. Once the shortcoming is brought to notice, proper remedial steps can be taken towards improving it, thereby providing the best solution to the customer. It is important to note here that the complaint should be actioned upon immediately.

If the management takes a lot of time in resolving the complaint then it affects the brand image of the company and in the worst case the company might lose the customer which will lead to a negative word of mouth.  Therefore, businesses acquire call centres services with the aim of ensuring efficient complaint handling framework.  It is so true that most call centre service providers are helping clients immensely in this regard, yet some of them struggle to ensure the same.  There are a few steps which can help call centre executives in managing customer complaints more effectively and these measures are mentioned below.

  • Global assessment of customer inquiries:
    It is essential for the management to find out the common complaints across the masses, as not all queries can be regarded as complaints against the brand. For this a large batch of calls and emails can be checked and then samples can be drawn to eventually identify and handle the genuine complaints. So it is important to take an in-depth, detailed look at the kind of customer inquiries which are coming in.
  • Proper communication to the customer:
    One major mistake which is done by majority of the companies is that as soon as a complaint is received, they start working on it, which is good, but they fail to duly inform the customer about the process, turn-around-time, contact person, etc. It is important to understand here that when a customer complaints, apart from stating his/her dissatisfaction, he/she gives a chance to the company to sort it out for them. So it becomes even more crucial to justify this confidence, and for this, everything should be duly communicated to the customer so he/she knows exactly what to expect. Showing accountability helps customers in relieving tension, and gives the impression that their time and effort is valued.
  • Be accessible to the customers:
    The team should put in special efforts to be present across various mediums and channels so that the customers don’t find it difficult to contact the team in times of help. It isn’t just convenient for the customers but also for the management as now the rush on one medium is spread across all the other mediums. This reduces the wait time for customers and makes it easy for call centres services providers worldwide to maintain a record of all the complaints.
  • Discuss complaints across various departments within the organization:
    It is of paramount importance for a company to make sure all departments share their respective queries and then after brainstorming, appropriate solutions are found out. Once the managers are able to find out the common problems, then they should devise proper training and development programs which resolve the issue at the core.

Customer complaints are essential for the growth of the business. Reliable Call centres services should be modified accordingly so that they are well equipped to handle customer grievances and provide permanent solutions to the customers. It is essential to note here that complaints are a major factor which can alter the satisfaction levels of customers. The importance of customer satisfaction is known across industries and call centre servicing is no different. Therefore, complaints shouldn’t be disregarded as entirely negative, but once they are received, proper corrective actions should be made so that the customer gets a solution and the company gets a loyal customer.

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