To succeed, you have to be willing to fail


If you are learning to do something you have to be ready to make mistakes along the way as you perfect your skills at it. Learning can be a very frustrating process, it is a process of trial and error, but along the way you learn and eventually, you become good at what you are learning

The right attitude for success is to rise every time you fail. Never allow failure to hold you down because if you do, your chances of success are very slim. You have to keep failing until you get things right because you know what, every time you try doing something, and fail you learn something new which will help you do be better the next time you try.

You need to understand that you cannot be perfect at everything you learn for the first time, in many cases, you will fail even up to 10 times, but you have to keep on pushing. Giving up is not an option. Even successful businessmen like Peter Loftin admit to being human which only means that despite their success, they still make mistakes. It is acceptable.

What I am most worried about is how people demonize failure. Why do we fear failure so much? Before failing was okay, even as a child, you learn to crawl first, then walk, run and other skills. True, some learned faster than others, but we all learned to do these things. The process was gradual.

For many, when they conquered the balance issues and learned to crawl, walk and run, and everything else had to be learned the first time. Adults became impatient. Other kids that learned things before us would laugh when we got it wrong.

What was your worst? When was failing a horrible thing for you? Were you ever disappointed in yourself when you failed? Even now, do you still get disappointed when you fail? I believe that most people felt failure was wrong and failed to understand that failing is all part of the learning process because then, they never got to know what part they failed and how they were supposed to do right.

Regardless, if you are aiming at success, you have to realize that you cannot learn a new skill if you don’t try and that you can’t succeed if you don’t fail a few times. Failure is what will push you to be better and achieve more. And, believe me, your first attempt will be imperfect. If you have beginner’s luck, then you’ll be frustrated when your other efforts aren’t as good as your first.

So if you want to succeed, start by taking a chance at new things. Do not just sit there and wonder if you will fail again or if you will get it right. Gather your confidence and just try it. When you give it a take, remember to discover what you did wrong and adjust every time you make a mistake. This will allow you learn better each step of the way.

Finally, you have to be self-encouraging and appreciative. Every time you make a mistake, tell yourself that you are learning something new and be happy about it. Similarly, when you achieve even the smallest of things, congratulate yourself and also be happy about it.

Remember, that it is success that you want. And to succeed, failure has to be a part of the process. Bill Gates, Peter Loftin, Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg all experienced failure in their journey to success, but look at them now?

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