Tow Truck Driver to the Rescue

You never know when things might go wrong with your vehicle. If you know how to fix your car or truck, then you are among the lucky few that know how their machines work. Most people seem to have little idea of how to fix an automobile these days. Apart from changing windshield wiper blades and putting on a steering wheel cover, my son didn’t know the first thing there was to know about how his car worked. When he broke down on the highway, I decided to help teach him about how to fix some of the basic things that could go wrong with his vehicle.

When he broke down on the highway, he needed to get off of the busy highway because it was unsafe to be stranded there. It’s dangerous to be on the highway when all types of vehicles drive by quickly. A police officer came to help him find a way to get his vehicle off the road. He was stuck in the middle lane of the highway. He said that he tried to get the vehicle off the road, but you can’t always get over to the side of the highway when the lanes are busy with traffic.

The police officer helped slow vehicles down as my son waited for a tow truck to come hook up to his car. The tow truck helped pull his vehicle to the side of the highway before they took it off the highway completely. It was late in the evening, so they had to call any 24 hour towing services Woodbridge Va. The driver was friendly and polite, and they brought the car to my shop, so I was able to work on it.

If my son knew more about vehicles, the problems that occurred under his hood could have been avoided, but he needs to learn a lot more about what types of problems to look out for. Once you know what can go wrong with your vehicle, there are some signs to look out for to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get his car back on the road soon.

The driver helped diagnose the problem. The part he recommended is expensive, so we’re lucky to have a shop to store his car while I figure out where to find the part. In the meantime, we’re letting my son use one of the rental vehicles we loan out to patrons. He’s lucky to have a mechanic in the family to help him figure out how to fix his car troubles. If he takes some of my advice, this type of problem will be something he can avoid in the future. It’s expensive to learn lessons the hard way, but I’m hoping I can talk some sense into him. Luckily, the police officer and the tow truck driver were there at the right times to make sure that nothing serious happened on the highway, but he could have easily caused an accident.

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