What are Total Rewards Statements


Being able to pay your employees for their services is essential to keeping a happy workforce. This is even more so because employees who feel underappreciated are more likely to leave the company or deliver mediocre services. This has made it necessary that business owners think of innovative ways of showing their employees that they value them and what they do for the company. More people are beginning to understand the benefits that comes with properly rewarding employees for work done and their efforts in the company. If you don’t pay your employees their full wages, they are more likely to join a new company, which will in turn affect your business. This makes it crucial that you find the right way to show your employees the worth of their benefits.

Total Rewards Statements to the rescue

Since you are already familiar with some of the advantages of properly rewarding your employees. The next thing you might be thinking is how to communicate this information to them. That is where total rewards statements come into play. With total rewards statements, you can effectively give your employees a detailed explanation about the benefits that are available to them, and how they can get them. These statements will provide your employees with information such as the real value of what they are getting from you.

Using total rewards statements, employers can put all the useful information in one place for their employers to see. This statement often contain information such as shares, pension contributions, and bonus payments. Other things such as private medical allowance and basic salary are also part of a total rewards statement. What you need to know is that this document can change the way you run your business by keeping your employees motivated.

What can this do to your business?

The nature of total rewards statements has been designed in such a way that employers can pass a clear message to employees about the benefits on offer. When you make use of this approach, your employees will be more willing to work for you, since they fully understand what they stand to gain. Most business owners loose good employees because they don’t have a good way of showing them what they are offering.

So when you use total rewards statements, you can increase your productivity and overall staff retention rate. Although you need the involvement of a service provider to help you with the total rewards statements of your company, you can basically customize everything once it is ready. You can provide the company with things such as logos and text, which you want your employees to see once they get their statements. These statements are very easy to get across to employees because you can either opt for print or online version.

When choosing a company to help you handle the total rewards statements of your employees, you have to choose a company that has privacy in mind. Choose a company that will not share sensitive information with a third party. Fair Care is the right company to work with when it comes to Total Rewards Statements and you can start at

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