What types of phone numbers are ideal for your business?


Running a business is not only about providing services and earning money. There are a lot of little things which need to be taken care of, while thriving to establish a successful brand.

Customers are the backbones of any kind of business. Hence, it is very important to bond a strong connection with your customers. You have to take care of the requirements of your clients no matter what. You need to be always ready to serve them whenever they need you.

Keep in mind, if you are providing your customers with customised services or products, they may be in need of your co-operation anytime. There should be a good method of connection between you and your customers. It is when the revenue generating numbers come in action.

Now, what are the revenue generating numbers anyway? Usually, every business organizations (both big and small) need a phone number for the customers to contact them on. The key lies in choosing the right kind of phone number when it comes to establish a smooth connection with the clients.  Now you may wonder what is there in a phone number. Choosing a phone number might sound like a trivial task but it actually can affect your relationship with your customers.

First, you need to understand the basic operations of the phone calls between the company and the clients.  An inbound call is one when a client calls to a contact centre or call centre.  In many organisations, help desk executives also handle such calls. Outbound calls are generally made by the employees to the clients.

However, here are some of the most common Premium rate numbers that customers choose these days while initiating a call?

Toll free numbers:

These kinds of business phone numbers begin with one of the following three digit codes 888, 800, 877,855, 866 or 844. These numbers allow callers to reach the business executives or the service providers without being charged. Customers seem to be quite happy while using such numbers. Therefore, using such numbers could be the great way to generate more traffic when it comes to expanding the area of your business.

Vanity numbers:

Vanity numbers are local telephone numbers for which the benefactors ask an easily remembered order of numbers. These kinds of numbers really help to increase the call in response rates and that help to boost the overall marketing campaign ROI.  Such numbers also add instant prospect to a company’s public image and name.

Mobile numbers:

Many companies promote some specific mobile numbers as their contact numbers. Once a customer’s call lands on the numbers, the system forwards the call to the concerned person. A client, dialling such numbers is charged on the basis of STD rates or as per the telephony plan.

0800 FreePhone numbers:

These numbers are vastly preferred and can increase the responses of your clients when used properly. However, calls from the mobile devices can charge 50 p/ per minute while the calls from the landlines are entirely free. Customers often get annoyed because of this issue.

In short, try to choose a user friendly number while trying to expand the area of your businesses in a short period of time.

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