Diversity in ValueMags


Companies such as ValueMags take diversity very seriously and make an effort to have a very multicultural environment. They believe this environment stimulates creativity and productivity on all levels but what is diversity? It refers to how people are similar or different from one another either through gender, race, age, education, religion and even tenure. Many companies speak highly about the benefits of diversity but many businesses find it difficult to manage diversity successfully. In 1975, the Age Discrimination Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, outlaw discrimination on gender, race, age, nationality of origin and religion. Then in 1990, another law was passed to not discriminate against people with disabilities. However, in 2008, there were 95,000 files of complaints claiming there were discriminated. One must remember, these numbers only represent the ones that did lodge the complaint, which means there are probably more people who didn’t file a complaint. However, many companies such as ValueMags are taking active measures to fight against discrimination because they want to create a safe work environment as well as reap the other benefits of a diverse workplace.

One of the major benefits are higher creativity in decision making. ValueMags favors employees who share their different and strange ideas to find themselves making a completely unorthodox decision. However, that decision ends up being the best decision they made and ValueMags appreciates the thought process they’ve gone through in order to achieve that. Even research demonstrates that a diverse team tends to make higher quality decisions.

Another important benefit about diverse teams is that they have a higher capacity to understand and better serve clients. Learning different cultures and ethnicities helps to create awareness in all aspects of communications. Some cultures, men should never look at directly into a women’s eyes and in other cultures, if you don’t look into their eyes, they will not trust you. ValueMags notices this issue among their competing firms and values their customer service. They are well aware that their superior customer service stems from a diverse team where everyone have learned to be polite and well mannered in many other cultures.

A satisfied workforce is really important at ValueMags because they believe if the employees are happy, the customers are happy. How can any team satisfy the needs of customers if they aren’t satisfied themselves? This is why diversity is key to happiness. People genuinely love learning about new cultures, either about their food or clothing to their entertainment within that particular community. People are curious creatures and discrimination stems from not understanding a culture but with a divers workforce, a company can eliminate these issues over time.

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