Which Local Golf Club in Edmonton Should You Join?


With many golf clubs in Edmonton you can play at, there are several golf courses in Edmonton that are sure to present players at every level with a challenge. However, it is not simply the golf courses in Edmonton you will play on that should be considered when deciding where to become a member. When selecting local golf clubs in Edmonton, there are several facets of membership one should consider. These are a few of those factors to consider:

1.How much are dues? –

How much are you paying annually to be a member? Is it really worth the cost? Making sure you are fully aware of annual fees, course use, guest privileges, use of the country club, and other activities, will help you choose the best clubs to join. Not only will you find the best prices for membership by visiting a few local clubs, you will also find those that provide members with the most benefits for the best rates.

2. Unlimited access to golf? –

Depending on the frequency at which you play, many courses offer the ability to upgrade membership for unlimited use and access to courses. With this in mind, however, those who want to play regularly and enjoy use of the club at any time must find out what membership level affords them this privilege.

3. Can you bring guests? –

Many clubs allow members to bring guests. Certain clubs will limit the number of guests or days on which they can be brought into the club. Some clubs are going to allow guests to visit for a fee. Depending on whom you play with and how much extra you are willing to spend on membership, this is another area to consider when choosing a club to join.

4. On-site activities/facilities –

Members also typically have access to an on-site golf store (otherwise known as the pro shop) at most golf clubs. In addition to this, many clubs have banquet halls for formal dinners and events, and you can rent out spaces for weddings or other events, as well. Certain clubs have restaurants on site, as well as bars. Every individual is going to look for something a little different when choosing a golf club to become a member of. When visiting local clubs, make sure you inquire about these and other amenities afforded to members who pay an annual fee to join the club.

For golfers who want to play regularly and enjoy the company of other golf enthusiasts, joining a golf club is a great way to do both of these things. With several clubs you can join, there are certain ways to make sure you find the club that offers what you are looking for as a member, as well as the best pricing for your membership. When the time comes to select a local club to join, these are some of the many ways in which you can compare. From there, you can choose the clubs that offer the on-site amenities you desire and find clubs for the lowest annual member rates.

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