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Your Unanswered Questions Now Answered: ValueMags


There are many questions for customers and individuals in Chicago concerning what ValueMags does and what their process entails. ValueMags is a marketing company for magazine publishers and their publications. Among some of the most popular and well known publications they offer to subscribers include Parent Magazine, Bridal Guide Magazine, and Nylon Magazine. Each have a unique target audience that ValueMags continues to cater to while diversifying their offerings with other magazines for new audiences with new interests.

ValueMags wishes to answer some questions that have been circulating on the Internet and social medias that need clarification.

Are teachers permitted to use their magazines for teaching purposes (in a classroom setting)?

Teachers and all practitioners are encouraged to use ValueMags magazines to educate their students and for self education. The most important detail for teachers to remember is that ValueMags magazines do not auto-renew. In other words, every time the teacher want to teach a new lesson using a ValueMags magazine, they have to plan ahead because it will not come automatically if the order was not refilled.

Can ValueMags send back issues of magazines to clients?

Unfortunately, ValueMags is only a marketing agency. This means that the company only has access to what the publisher provides them with. In other words, contact the publisher for back issues of publications, issues, and magazines.

Why is ValueMags sending me a magazine I did not order?

ValueMags is partnered with many companies which means that they facilitate many partnering companies with magazines to include in their orders. On some occasions, they will arrive separately. It is important to know that ValueMags does not hold billing information and will never require you to give that to them. If you are asked for such information, ValueMags is not the facilitator of the magazine.

ValueMags values their clients and their partnering companies’ clients. For more information, contact ValueMags on their website or using the link provided above.

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