Ensure the security of your office and shop


Nowadays, due to excessive criminal activity there are some advanced technological software used to ensure the security of the schools, airport, industries etc.  You can look for some agencies like qognify which provide the service of video management solution for securing the specific place and monitor the entire place with the help of the camera surveillance. This software is enabled with some advanced features which help in getting some important details.

What are the different features of the video management system?

License plate reorganization- it is the most advanced feature of the security software. This is basically used for recognizing the license of the vehicle plate number. It contains the vehicle plate number record so that it can detect any vehicle running on the road. It is also useful for the data police department and garage parking to compare the vehicle detail.

Video analytics – if you want to make the security efforts easy in a specific area then it is the one of the best options. You can make your surveillance system more efficient which helps in reducing the workload on the security management and its staff. This software helps you in capturing the full video in the high quality so that you can catch the criminal activity easily.

Smart search- in the traditional software, you might waste your time in searching for the desirable clip for the security purpose. If you want to get quick result of your search then you should use the advanced feature for the smart search of the video management software. You can find your video clips on your one click and collect all the required data.

Open network video interference forum – it is the one of the best options to analyze the security of the entire place. It is a global standard feature which is capable of IP cameras and security system. It provides flexibility to your security system and helps you in making the entire place more secure and safe.

Cloud storage – if you are away from the office then you are mostly worries about the security of your office. The video management security has the feature of cloud storage which provides you with offsite video surveillance. You can assemble it via Smartphone, computer, tablet and other operating system and you can watch your workers activity and security of the office and shop from anywhere at any time.






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