Settling cases of truck accidents at ease


The Californian Freeway isn’t free at any time of the day. It finds numerous trucks, semi-trucks, cars, etc., passing over it all day. Despite Los Angeles has several laws which require trucks to be routinely inspected and trucks having assigned hourly limits, hardly do truckers comply with these rules.

Driving alongside a truck can create anxiety. Moreover when truckers faced with strict delivery deadlines, drive many hours over long distances, they get fatigued. Thus truck accidents frequent the Californian freeway. Since trucks are quite heavy, a collusion with a truck can have horrible consequences. So to compensate for the loss occurred in truck accidents and also to fight law cases, different lawyers are there to handle the cases of truck accidents in this area.

Statistics of Truck accidents in the US:

The US government has recorded an annual 500,000 truck accidents happening in the country.

Difference between a truck accident and any other car accident:

The main differences of truck accident and any other car accident are

  • The time factor- the truck accidents are required to report immediately which is not the case for other car accidents,
  • Additional laws for truck accidents- because trucks are involved with transporting commercial goods and because of the large size of the vehicle, additional laws are there in case of truck accidents
  • The truck accidents cause greater damage than any other accident,
  • More detailed examination of the accident is required for the truck accident.

Who are these lawyers?

The Truck Accident attorney in LA is a network of lawyers working under different companies who help those who faced the accidents and those who are faced with cases against them. They are well experienced to know that the truck companies have their own lawyers to conduct an analysis of the accidents. Therefore, their aim is to lessen the company’s liabilities at all costs.

The procedure of work of the lawyers:

The lawyers investigate the accident, the vehicle maintenance logs, the credentials of the driver and whether all traffic rules were followed. After having done these, they will negotiate with the insurance company of the Truck Company and even file cases against them to obtain fair compensation that the lawyer’s client deserves. If there was any fault on the part of the trucker, they can pursue a lawsuit against the truck company.

Benefits of the client:

Other than the above, the client gets other benefits as well.

  • The lawyers help even if the client does not have the necessary papers.
  • If the client has suffered in the accident, he/she could get medical assistance.
  • The client will get the payment of lost wages
  • The client will receive disability payments
  • The client will be supported for life in times of permanent disability.

Cost for hiring lawyers:

Hiring lawyers for settling cases of truck accidents is affordable. Many of the companies do not take money from their clients until the lawyers recover the money for their clients.

A Truck Accident attorney in LA is well reputed for succeeding in litigation over truck accidents with most of the companies being able to solve 99% of the cases on an average. Most people feel satisfied with their services as they work faster with responsibility and take lesser money than what an experienced lawyer would take. The companies are rapidly gaining importance in the present times with the hard work and dedication of the lawyers.

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