You, Me, and Handy


Handy is an online-based service provider that focuses on what were traditionally known as “handymen” jobs. They choose trusted and competent professionals who can accomplish almost any problem that can pop up in a home, and let you rent them for your home’s needs. This doesn’t only count plumbers and electricians, but cleaners and painters as well. They really run the gamut when it comes to things that need to be done in a home.

 Here’s why I think that you should be using Handy. You live a busy life. You exercise, you eat right, and your roommate is a cat. You’re excelling in your career, but wouldn’t say no to a head hunter. Your home looks stupendous, but only about once every few months when you can muster up the energy to clean the place. That usually ends up being on a holiday, so there goes your so called “down time”. Being an adult these days is exhausting. Don’t let the burden of knowing your home is being neglected to bring you down. Hire a cleaner who can come at your convenience to maintain the gleam of a polished kitchen counter, and who will really make sure that every single one of your cat’s paw prints is cleaned up off of every possible surface.

Being familiar with the service will also undoubtedly come in handy (oh my gosh I see what they did there) when you need to fix some plumbing. The fact that all the workers they send to you have been well vetted and approved by previous users makes your life so much easier. You don’t have to stress over finding a worker who is recommended by someone you trust, and you don’t have to pull your hair out wondering if some stranger you found in the yellow pages in going to rip you off – or worse, create a bigger problem.

 Your life is organized in a such a way that you are enjoying yourself and you are successful. Handy will seamlessly integrate into that narrative and no doubt reassure that nagging in your brain that is telling you to take care of the stuff you literally don’t have time for. Coming home to a space that is clean will do wonders for your self-care, even though you haven’t done it. We all deserve to be happy in our own homes, and you can achieve that at a low price just by visiting the handy website to get started today.

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