Signs Your Team Needs Telesales Training


If you’ve noticed a lack of sales and money in your telesales company, it may be a good clue that your sales team needs training. Other than this obvious clue, there are other indicators that in-house sales training is needed by your team. If you see these signs, you need to implement training quickly!

Here are five signs that your telesales team need more training in their craft.

  1. Unhappy customers – If you’re customers are complaining, your salespeople need more training! Salespeople can play a big role when a customer is upset. If the salesperson has set the wrong expectations by over promising something to get the sale, the customer will not be impressed. This often reflects the team’s lack of skill. A trained team will know what they can deliver, and what tactics they need to use to get those sales. In-house telesales training can teach your team these tactics, so that your sales improve.
  1. Missed targets – If you’ve noticed a few missed sales targets in a row, it’s a sure sign your telesales team needs training. If you’re salespeople aren’t hitting their daily or weekly targets, they aren’t doing the fundamental work required of them to be a sales whiz. Poor production suggests a bad understanding of the sales process, and how to do it effectively. Sales training will help this.
  1. Out of date techniques– Some telesales methods are timeless. Others aren’t, and no longer fit the modern world. It might be time to abandon the old habits, and update your teams training resources.
  1. Poor performance – If you can, observe your salespeople when they’re on the job. This way, you will get a realistic idea of how each telesales person presents themselves, relates to the client and negotiates to get a sale. If you notice a lot of flaws in their performance, they definitely need some sales training.
  1. Poor organisation – Even the best telesales person needs to be organised with their administrative duties. If they aren’t they will fail in the long term. The mistakes will lead to lost customers. Telesales training is needed to teach each team member how to organise themselves properly and become more effective as sales people.
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