The Four Main Benefits of Safety Grab Rails


Whether your household includes elderly individuals or you yourself seem to be losing a bit of your mobility, having safety grab rails throughout your home can provide several advantages. While the safety they provide is the most obvious benefit, there are many others to consider as well.

Here is a look at some of those benefits.

Additional Safety

As has been mentioned, the most obvious benefit of installing safety grab rails in your home is the additional safety they provide. When they are mounted in areas like the bathroom, hallways, or stairways, they provide the peace of mind that you and your family have an option for remaining stable and avoiding falls.

This is especially true in homes with elderly individuals that may be more susceptible to falls. In these instances, having a safety grab rail can prevent injuries and potentially even save a life.

Increasing Mobility

For elderly individuals, it can be quite depressing as your mobility begins to decrease and you see yourself having more and more trouble navigating throughout your home without assistance. With safety grab rails in Melbourne, however, you can get back much of the mobility you previously had.

Placing these guard rails strategically throughout the home allows individuals with limited mobility to feel as if they can still operate independently. This is a major advantage for elderly individuals who would like to stay at home and avoid having to go to an assisted living facility.

Reduced Pressure on the Joints

Even for individuals that have not yet reached a point where immobility is a major concern, having grab rails installed can still be a great idea. The major reason for this is because the use of these rails can reduce pressure on the joints, which can help you remain mobile for a longer period of time.

The wear and tear that moving around has on your body is undoubtedly significant. By taking the pressure off your joints, you can increase mobility while also helping avoid the pain associated with overuse of your joints.

Helps Protect You from Falls

While this point is related to safety, it is worth re-mentioning. The frequency of falls for elderly individuals, especially those over sixty, is staggering. Some estimates even say one out of four elderly individuals will experience a fall every single year.

Protecting you or a family member from this potential fate is essential if you want to avoid serious injury. This is especially true in areas such as the shower or staircases, where a fall is likely to lead to serious, and sometimes even fatal, injuries.

Peace of Mind

Even if you do not feel it is necessary, having grab rails in your home can provide the peace of mind that you will not have to worry about falls. For children who are worried about their elderly parents living independently, this is especially important. Even if they do not use the rails as much as you would like, it is nice to know they are there in case something does happen.

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