Never Share Your Financial Data, You May End Up Getting Robbed


Never allow your home contractors to have access to your financial data. With identity theft up 400% in 2016, you could get robbed without even knowing it.

Start doing it NOW – not tomorrow or the next day – to research a protection plan from a trusted company like identity guard that will secure your financial information from getting into the wrong hands and lose everything that you have. Let’s admit it, today’s technological advances have benefitted many, but it also has its downsides. Today, cyber criminals are more aggressive after being provided with a big arsenal of weapons to attack your identity and use it to steal your hard-earned money.

Unknowingly, a lot of people fall victim to scams and trickery all because of a single word – trust.

As you open up your place to home contractors working on your renovation or repairs, you increase the risk of getting robbed. “Can you trust your home contractors with your financial data?” The answer is a big NO.

Don’t be fooled by anyone sweet talking you into trusting your financial data with them while they are doing work on your home, because it is something that you are going to regret doing.

No one else needs to possess your financial data, most especially with home contractors.  You ask why? The answer is simple – it is none of their business.

Do not give someone the opportunity to steal money from you. If you need to commission home contractors to work on a project- make sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent your identity from getting stolen.

Here are some tips when you need to have home contractors work on a home project:

– Make sure to secure anything in your home that bears personal information like your name, social security number, signature, or any important detail that can be used to verify your identity. It may be your checkbook lying around, your credit cards, business cards, unlocked PC or storage devices. Make sure you have these stowed away under lock and key.

– Never share any financial information with contractors doing work in your home.

– Do not trust anyone with your financial data, unless that person is your financial adviser or your spouse.

– Always monitor the work being done to your home. Keep track of people’s whereabouts inside your home. There are no security guards working around your perimeter that will keep watch of people working inside.

– Only provide access to rooms or areas that are being worked on, this would prevent people from going in and out at random.

– Lastly, make sure that each and every worker assigned are all properly accounted for. Have them provide a list of names working on your project so that you know who’s supposed to be working in each area.

Always be mindful about who you trust your home to and make sure that you establish an identity guard or a system that helps you protect your financial data.

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