Reasons of water damage


There may be many reasons for water damage in the house. If you resolve the problem in the start, cost can be minimized and less time will be required. Some of the reasons are given below:

  1. Throwing something in the pipes:

You have accidently thrown something hard in the washbasin and it has got stuck somewhere down the drain pipe. This may also cause water to gather around. Similarly, if a sponge gets stuck in the pipe, it may cause bad smell and water to stuck causing water damage. Avoid throwing such things in the basin that may not pass through the pipes.

  1. Basement leakage:

Anything causing the water leakage in the basement may cause the water damage problem in the whole house. Immediate resolution in this situation is required as mold may grow in the basement. Removal of all the things and complete drying of all the walls and flour is required to avoid mold production.

  1. Leaking taps:

Another reason of water damage is the broken taps. If any tap in the house in leaking, it may spread the problem in the whole house. Quick contact to emergency water damage services is necessary to curtail this problem.

  1. Central heating or cooling system:

If any pipe in the central air conditioning or heating system is leaking, it may also cause the problem of water damage.

  1. Tree roots may expand and block the drain pipes:

Tree roots may expand and block your drain pipes. Tree roots grow when they find water so you should keep in check the pipes and arrange to remove the roots if they are causing water damage.

  1. Your house pipes may be leaking:

If any of your pipes is leaking, this may be the cause of water leakage. Look for the pipes in bathrooms, kitchen or garage; you can get them replaced with little charges. If you show laziness and delay this work, the problem may enhance and you may have to bear more charges as the problem increases.

  1. Your air conditioner may be the cause:

If your air conditioner is not working properly due to clogged pipes or any other fault, it may be the cause of humidity in the room. As humidity increases, this may lead to water damage.

Your house may also face water damage due to construction or water leakage in the nearby area or house. Careful analysis of the problem is required to arrange for the emergency water damage services.

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